BURNING SKY By Lori Benton

                                                                                   10/05/2013 review

                                                            BURING SKY
                                                             Lori Benton
As you travel back in time to the frontier when the Indians roamed USA freely and owned this land that we now call America. You’ll see a different way of life. A good life, but a hard life a free and caring life also a style of life that knew how to only take what they needed to live unselfishly and left to reproduce as God planned it to.
Willa was her name for fourteen years of age, until one day the Mohawks abducted her. They did not hurt her but brought her into the tribe as one of them. Then she lived the way the Indians did, she learned the good things they knew she learned the love of land and animals. After many years of living the life the way the Indians taught her and being given Mohawk Indian name of “Burning Sky”. Will Willa be able to come back to the white man’s world and live.
She is traveling back to her Father’s home stead but along the way she finds a wounded Scotsman lying in her path. She finds she can’t just leave him—she needs to help him somehow.  But what can she do?
Burning Sky’s Mohawk brother comes to see how is adjusting to the white man’s way of living. (To me that is a wonderful brother I’d keep him). Will Burning Sky (I like that name better myself) stay or will she return to her Mohawk way of life with her brother Tames-His-Horse. Hmm I like that name too.
Willa is a woman caught between two worlds the Mohawk family and the white man. The white people think them as “Savages”. Who is truly is the “Savages” here. Who’s land was this first who stole this land from the people that truly lived and loved this land? Guess you can see I love the Indian and on their side all the way.
 I  recommend this book highly especially, if you Love the Indians and cowboys (like I do) then this truly is a must have book. From the time you turn the first page you are glued to this book to the end page and wanting more and waiting for the hopefully next book.
 5 Star
ISBN 978-0-307-73147-0
I received this book free from water brook/ bloggingforbooks for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
Thanks for yet another page turner Waterbrook.
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