10/06/2013 Review

                                                             Ron Phillips, Dmin
This awesome book tells of Lucifer when God first made him. It says that he was the most beautiful of all. he ruled over Earth from a land called Eden. Really I am confused–I thought God made Eden later–Bible Time
Ezekiel 28:12.
There’s all kinds of Mysteries in the Bible like: Mysteries of name of Noah family like Adam means “man” Seth means “woeful” and wicked–Kenan means “Sorrow”. A lot more is on this subject.
The mysteries of Great Pyramids believe this 2 million stones, weighing 2.5 and 15 tons, the mortar joints are consistently  and is exactly 15 of an inch is what the Pyramid is made of, the mystery of Lost Ark of the Covenant, mystery of lost Atlantis, Mystery of the Prayer Shaw, and  even the mystery of the Empty Tomb. Wow all of this in this beautiful book. Find out about the Antichrist and the External world.
There is a lot in this book that is really wonderful to read and know about the Mysteries that God has for us to learn about in the book that the Lord had written for us aren’t we special I think so.
This is a book I feel anyone would love to read and learn about all the Mysteries in the Bible. I never thought of it, now I think of the mysteries and how this book brought a lot to light for me. I think it will bring things to light for you too.
5 star
ISBN 978-1-62136-253-1
I received this book free from Booketeria for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are totally my own and no one else’s.
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