DOG SENSE By Carla Genender

                                                                                    10/06/2013 Review

                                                              DOG SENSE
                                                             Carla Genender
As you travel the pages the pages of this beautiful book and you gazed upon the wonders Gods creation. Remember to love your dog as he/she would love you UNCONDITIONALLY!!!  They are a joy, fun and therapy if you are sad, hurt, in pain or if you just need a hug, kiss or a friendly smile. They love to please you why, because they love you all they ask is that you love them too.
The one part that struck a core was when they mentioned the Pit Bulls that they were trained for fighting for sport. No dog deserves that NONE!!!!!!!!! I hate dog fighters and anyone that goes to them. But the book also said that Pit Bulls are very nice and friendly and loves kids. So that shows you it is all in how they are trained and treated. You Go Halley good Pit!!!!!!
All the dogs are beautiful– some I’ve never heard of, still it amazed me to see and learn where some of the dogs come from and what they were breed for. When I was little I  always had a Cocker Spaniel and thought that was the only kind of dog there was.
I learned something about the rescue dogs on 9/11 it was very interesting and something that I am sure most people don’t really know about the rescue pups. You might want to check this book out and just see what you might learn.
This book is a must have for a dog lover! The pictures are adorable. The stories that go along with the dogs are fascinating and you see how the relationships are formed with the pets. You’ll love it and come back for more.
This book will make you fall in love with those furry little love bugs and want more.
5 Star
ISBN 0-7573-0553-9
I received this book free from HCI for an honest review. I was not expected to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thanks Lori for believing in me.
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