10/02/2013 Review

                                                  HONERED TO SERVE
                                            Lt. Col. Tony Monetti (USAF, Retired)
                                                           Penny Monetti
Before I start my review first let me please say “THANK-YOU” to our beloved Military for all they do for the USA and our freedom and safety.  
When you see our military and their families in a store or restaurant or on the street could you please say thank-you? It cost you nothing and they will then know that you truly appreciate and recognize what they have sacrificed for our freedom and safety. Their families and the Service Men and Women give so very much for us.
So as you travel with LT Col Monettie and Penny through there pages they so lovingly wrote to help the  Military and their families, maybe you’ll understand the love, strength and loyalty our Military has for their freedom as well as ours and our country.
They give freely their lives for our freedom along with their family that waits and pray. Not only does the military people have to be ready to leave at a moments notice but so does their families have that moments notice too. It is when the Commander and Chief sends them, where ever he decides to send them they go. Remember that it is not the military that decides it is Our Commander and Chief which is the President !!!!!!!!! So if you decide you want to spit on someone spit on him not our military they are doing a job that they are told to do!!!!!!!!
The men and women have to achieve Physical Balance. They go by REAL get the book see what that stands for. Their endurance is with extreme heat of the desert in chemical warfare suit or extreme cold. We take our cozy homes, cars and freedom for granted Don’t we?? Who pays the price our military and their families.
For a Service men and women don’t ever try writing a check with insufficient funds that just don’t work in the military.
This book has so much different kinds of information in all areas of life to help the military families and by gosh it can even help us plain old people not even in the military.
I say this is really a wonderful information book for all. It is a must have truly!
5 star
ISBN 978-157293-757-4
I received this book free from Discovery for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thank you Anne for believing in me and for another great book.
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