9/23/2013 review

                                                         MIND OVER MEDICINE
                                                                  Lissa Rankin, M.D.
First let me start right off with this beautiful, powerful book is a must have in your library, one that you can go back to and grab to check out medical and natural things you might want to see what you can do about sickness other then going to a hospital. Worth every penny you would pay for it. With that said— I love books that help me improve my health at my age. I only wish these kinds of books were written when I was younger or where they?????? I will take any help that I can get happily.
In this book Lissa states how DR’s that give bad new (in the hospital) let’s say after surgery or after a check up with bad news what truly can happen. I think that what was said in this book is right I remember when I was 28 I always felt what happen to my Dad died earlier then he should have because of what the DR. said to him. I felt what the negative attitude that the DR had said to my Dad I saw where he started to go down hill. Dr Rankin said negative thoughts translate into a real physiological change. Read I mean really read and understand what page 48 says that way if a Dr. says something negative to you or a loved one response differently trust God. This chapter has changed how I face a DR and tell him I’ll take my life and live it differently then you say or hey why all the negatively attitude, think positive.
How to Elicit The Relaxation Response This is from another author– Herbert Benson’s The Relaxation Response.
There’s a list and there are 9 in that list  actually they are steps on how to relax– mind over medicine is worth buying just for these steps. The relaxation steps technique actually was found to be highly effective for eliciting the relaxation response and improving health.
This book is just packed full of all kinds of information and it is powerful book beautiful book.
ISBN 978-1-4019-3998-4
I received this book free from Hay House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are mine and no one else’s. Thank you Nika for believing in me.
Thanks Nika for believing in me.
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