THE PROVERTY OF NATIONS By Wayne Grude,/Barry Asmus Forward by Rick Warren

                                                                                                  9/18/2013 Review

                                                     THE POVERTY OF NATIONS
                                                            a sustainable solution
                                                      Wayne Grudem/ Barry Asmus
                                                         Forward by Rick Warren
If you love to listen to Rick Warren then you’ll love this book. I saw his name on it and knew it had to be a must read and it was. I did the 40 days with my Church and could go to his site for more help if I needed  to. So with that in mind if you need to after reading this book I think he’d love your questions to answer.
I feel our government should be made to read this book–I think they’d find a better way of getting America back to the powerful country it was and can be. But as I write this I know in my heart the Government won’t read this they want POWER not for our country to be great again.
Also this book has scriptures through out that helps with the problems that USA is facing these days that our government has failed us. With scriptures in this book that means GOD is at the center of any powerful nation including ours.
It is a very powerful book. If it were followed our country could be great again but first and foremost GOD needs to be put back into our country that is what our forefathers found this great country of ours on was God being the center and most important part of our country and constitution.
This is a book of 373 pages packed full of HELPFUL, POWEFUL information that our countries leaders could use to get our country back to healing but will they? Do they truly care about the little people or only themselves and their power not us. We build this country by our work and love and loyalty of our country they only want power.
Try chapter 5 The Mechanics of the System: How Does a Free Market Work? Or read chapter 3 Wrong System That Did Not Lead to Prosperity. By the way slavery is in that you can’t have slaves and have any prosperity. You have no right to own another human. God created all people no matter race, color or create to be equal.
I recommend this book highly IF you want to see where our government is heading our country in and what can and should be done to heal our USA. Get it now and learn from the power that is in this book!!!! Read it, Pray over it and above all get your Bible and read it along with this book.
May God Guide you all!!!!!!!!!! Knowledge is the power of the people!!!!!!!
5 Star
ISBN  13-978-1-4335-3911-4
I received this book free from Crossway for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s!!  
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