Review 9/13/2013

                                                                NIV PINK BIBLE—
                                                                an invitation to hope
First let me say.– I saw the Bible and I wanted it because my sister died, she had cancer (lung) but none the less cancer. They took 1/2  of her lung, she could have survived I feel at less longer then she did. But she also had two heart attacks that’s how they found the cancer, then she had a blood clot , and if that wasn’t enough for her to go through she had a stroke after she left the hospital and was in rehab. She suffered dearly— I am in pretty good health for my age since she was only a couple of years older then me.
 I on the other hand grew in my faith. I cried to the Lord and prayed for strength because I just lost my Mother.  First I lost my Father and Brother, I lost my faith, not until a year later did I return to God and stronger with each death in my family. I thank God for his strength each time I lean on him, and fall apart. I still miss my Sister, Mother, Brother, and Father dearly and find myself crying sometimes out of the blue something I see or hear sets the tears falling.
 The reason I told this story of my family is because I felt you should know where I was and where I am now in my faith. I felt drawn to this Bible,(pink is not my color, purple is) but I know what pink stands for with this Bible.
The prayers though only 6 are long with a lot of feeling to them. The one I like was on page 566 Staying Positive–You have to God’s there with you at all times!!!!!!!!
This Bible is like most Bibles. But in the back In the Index for example—Angel comfort people, Fearful, God offers hope to the– then there are scriptures to go to in the Bible to help you. A tour of the Bible and a complete reading plan, Overview of the Old and New Testament and Book of Poetry. Very nice touch.
There is so much helpful information in the back of this Bible to get you through your pain and give you hope once again. This is a must have Bible if you are going through cancer, heart attack or any illness.
I pray that when you get it you keep it close at hand. This Bible will be the one that I take to Church when I retire and don’t work on Sundays anymore. God be with each and everyone of you.
HAPPY HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 star
ISBN 978-0-310-43178-7
I received this Beautiful Bible free from Booksneeze/ Zondervan for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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