To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain

                                            TO LIVE IS CHRIST TO DIE IS GAIN
                                                             Matt Chandler
As you travel through these pages of this beautifully written book you will start seeing a life changing way to live. The words are powerful and may at times hurt as you see how you are living and how you should live. Remember above all God loves you and wants you with him forever. So if you LIVE IS CHRIST TO DIE IS GAIN—you will find out what that truly means for you.
 You will find the information that point you to God first. First Christ all else will go as God plans. 
You’ve heard of the rich right —I am sure you’re like me yes to have more money would make things easier yep so you can pay bills, have nice things, feed your family– or so we think. The Bible says Matt 19:23-24 Truly I say to you, only with difficulty will a rich person enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Again I tell you, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God. I am sure you all heard that I have since I was little.
My question would be “What if a person of wealth go to Heaven and be with God had he chosen God to be first in his life and follow God and everything else is second to him”? If God were his everything and money just an extra benefit?
God in his power grants us in his great Love the supernatural ability to seek the Cross you ask how  then read Philippians  2:5 it tells us when the Apostle says “Have this mind among yourselves“.he’s not just saying  “Try hard to think like Jesus” “He tells us that we have his mind. It’s part of the gift of the gospel. The mind of Christ “is yours in Christ Jesus” You have this mind so USE IT”.
Isn’t that a wonderful thing to know That God loved you that much?
I find when I sometimes seek an answer there God lays a book at my hands through being a reviewer. Also I under went surgery the other day. I was blessed because everyone in my operating room were Christians I knew God was there too. Before I went under I prayed not to recover or for myself but what did God want of me. As I drifted off I heard him say “read my word more”. So now as I read through my books I also have at hand my Bible to look up the scriptures they have in them. I also am going to read a scripture at night. My friends at work send me scriptures that God laid on them for me to read.
Everyone could benefit from reading this wonderful, powerful words that are inside the pages of this book. I recommend it highly.
5 Star.
ISBN 978-1-4347-0685-0
I received this book from free David Cook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have express are my own and no one else’s.
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