9/01/2013 Review

                                                 YOU”LL GET THROUGH THIS
                                                               Max Lucado
 First let me say, I have a  lot of books by Max Lucado that I bought through out the years. I like his writing style. I have lent them out to friends and family to read and reread them.
Since our world seems to be going crazy, I felt this might be a good book to help in those thoughts.
Max Lucado tells the story of Joseph like only Max can tell fro the heart. Max Lucado wants us to find strength in hope and help for our trials and the difficult times that lay ahead of us. and we know as Christians what is ahead as much we hate to see it come, it is coming faster then we would like and yet wouldn’t it be nice to have happiness and nothing else forever and no tears!
Joseph story was in the Bible for a very good reason– Joseph was sold by his brother (nothing different then what goes on now if you look at what has been going on for centuries). He was sold into slavery by his brother, tossed into a pit and then imprisoned for no reason.
Doesn’t some of this stuff still go on today?  Listen to the news, but the lesson is how did Joseph deal  with what he went through compared to what people do and how they deal with the same thing (no one being thrown into a pit though).  The Bible tells you how Joseph dealt with his circumstances and his brother.
Max said it won’t be painless — but God can turn all the wrong doings into GOOD with faith, always remember faith is the key, trust in God.
Max is a pastor of passion, he has seen what God can do and how God works bad into good, this is what Max wants to do in this book, is to help you see how God is going to work bad into good. Max’s ability of being a brilliant story teller as you will see in this book.
If you haven’t read any books by Max Lucado you will be amazed at his brilliant way of writing a story for  you to understand what he is trying to get across. I recommend this book.
4 Star
I received this book free from BookSneeze for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The Opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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