Worship Together Bible (NIV)

 Review  ::  NIV Worship Together Bible
NIV Worship Together Bible
This Bible is really awesome and beautifully written with the music lyrics and what behind the song. It tells who all was involved in the making of the song. Not only praying to God and praising him, but singing and praising him in song is what he loves. The songs are by the scriptures that goes along with that song. That makes it so nice so you read the song, read the scripture and enjoy a different kind of bible. Selah ask you  questions about the song and scripture and  it gives you something to think on to help you with the way you feel about that scripture and song.
Here are a couple of the songs and whom sung them:  “Open My eyes of My Heart” by Paul Beloche, “Everlasting God” By Brendon Brown, “We Fall Down” by Chris Tomlin this is one of my favorite song. But I would have liked to have seen Matthew West “My Name Is” Or Toby Mac “Stealing My Show” I just wonder why it was just a few?  If you are out side reading your bible in the beautiful weather and need peace and quite this is still  a very Awesome Bible and one that I feel with the songs gives you music to look at if you need a little time to bust out singing and Glorifying and praising God while you are outside that would make God smile.
As I was reviewing this Bible I used it when I was reading another book and it was great to go along with the book I was reading also I stopped and read the lyrics of the song so it was a nice break from reading the book for a few minutes.
This really is one of a kind and a must have for someone that loves the word and also the music that glorifies God. ENJOY SINGING !!!
ISBN 978-0-310-42250-1
I received this beautiful bible from book sneeze for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thanks Book sneeze for a beautiful Bible to review. 
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