8/19/2013 Review

                                                         FASHIONED TO REIGN
                                                                  Kris Vallotton
First our journey will head out to the Garden of Eden with Kris as our narrator the story is not from a Holy Spirit helping him but just the way he himself sees it. So this will be a little different twist then having the Holy spirit helping you write a book.
Are you ready — so let the journey begin–
  When Kris starts out with Adam, you know the Adam in the Garden–the one I am talking about. Of course you knew the first person we run into don’t you? Yep you are right Adam right there in the Garden. He talks to God . Adam loved God and enjoyed it when God was a round, but when God wasn’t around Adam got lonely, so God gives him you got it a woman.  From there you know the problem right?
The story of the way Kris tells it in his words makes you wonder if it could have happened that way. Then read about Eve– we know how God made her but do you know how Eve and  the animals got their names or did they?
The third chapter talks about the Devil that was interesting. It brought up information I never thought of. Also did you know the Devil was more angry with women then men. Did you think of that I never did. But what an interesting chapter to read you will stop and wonder grab your Bible to read.
Jesus wants both man and women to prophesy, not just men. Also think about this remember Joan of Arc, the amazing and unique women in all of history because she was a warrior with divine call. Do you know how old she was? Do you know how she died and above all else do you know why she became the most amazing and unique Warrior???? There are different stories in this wonderful book of women that are amazing and stand out.
Chapter 5 Jesus: Founder of the First Women’s Liberation Movement.
If you fill that you are not equal to men, that you are below them  or they make you feel you should be below them, that the devil has won that battle. Then this is a must have to read it and feel better about yourself because you are equal  to men. Isn’t that nice to know. Thank you Kris!!!!!
5 Star.
ISBN 978-0-8007-560-3
I received this book free from Bethany House for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thank- you Bethany for another great read.
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