8/15/2013 review

                                            THE RAPID WAIST REDUCTION DIET
                                                               Don Colbert, MD.
This book caught my eye because I have been told to loose 20 lb. (not easy ladies and gentlemen).  I looked at this book and thought ok Don Colbert is not only a MD but he is a Christian maybe he will have a lot more insight as far as God goes to help me loose my 20 lb. if not more wouldn’t that be a miracle for me I thought.
It seems like he does after I read the book because he looks at the aspects of the Bible.
As I read along this book of only 220 pages is a great addition to my library but darn it won’t set on the self I decided to keep it with my purse to take along with me when I eat out and when I am at home. I can look up the fish and meats and veggies and fruits I should eat while dinning out. Seems looking at it makes me look inside and see what to eat that is the best God has for me. 
This powerful book gives you a lot of information to help you want to loose and reduce that waist  and get it back to what you had in high school. Wonderful thought right keep that in mind as you eat what you should instead of what you shouldn’t.
In the back of this book around pages 215-216 recommended natural sweeteners, protein powder like — Divine Health Plant Protein. Supplements for example PGX Fiber
Supplements for all different kind of food etc.
 I know if you are like me it’s the Health store to ask what this stuff is because I am use to eating like most good old Americans the not so good food, but the foods we like, but not the best for us or our hearts and waist line.
This handy books give you good foods to use in place of those we love. Instead of the yummy cup cakes and chips and oh my yes those wonderful M&M’s you know the kind that melts in your mouth, not in your hand yes those are the ones I am talking about.
This little jewel also tells of Fat Burning Agents. Ye!!! It has charts for food to eat for the phases of 1 &2.
HAPPY EATING!!!!!!!!! And get that waist you so dreamed of. It is waiting for you at your nearest book store.
I recommend it highly.
5 star
ISBN 978-162136-044-5
I received this book free from Charisma House for a honest review. I did not have to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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