Forever Friday By: Timothy Lewis

                                                               8/13/2013 review

                                                                FOREVER FRIDAY
                                                                    Timothy Lewis
As you travel back in time to the 1900’s in Huntsville,Texas you’ll meet a wonderful romantic couple and a lot of family and friends along the way. As they tell their story of how they meant, of their Love for one another, and their dying devotion and above all else their faith in one another.
As you read have a hankie not only tears of hurt but also tears of joy.
Here we go lets grab a Trolley car and lets ride along with Gabe and Huck and listen to them as they describe the land, the town, the flowers can you smell the beautiful flowers, the scenery they talk about like the street venders, oh my just wait a minute look down the street at  the market square with the stores they are close and built so cute like little doll houses, the dress shop with a mannequin in the window wearing pretty duck pants and a Navy blouse can you see them? The shoe store right next to the dress shop. We are now passing Benny’s Diner smell the fresh brewed coffee and the home made food Yummy yummy. OH MY !! listen here comes a Motel T Ford Oh no, hear it backfire when it’s being cranked. Can you imagine all of this playing out in front of you?
Wow to live in those days!!! Wouldn’t that have been fun to live in the days of “carefree” as they called it?
Gabe and Huck had fun laughing and loving each other. Now they are getting hungry and Gabe says to late for lunch Huck goes it’s between Lunch and  supper a “Champagne Lupper”. They talked about books, movies, favorite foods they just seemed happy being with each other and laughing together.
They are talking about a beauty pageant now listen these girls never wore skimpy bathing suite but when they wore a bathing suit that showed their legs the people thought that was horrible. What would these people think of today’s bathing suites? You could only guess right? 
So as their story unfolds and the poems are written and start coming in the mail to Huck from Gabe until the end. You will see how their love just kept growing and getting stronger with each day. The devotion that they hold so dear is truly for soul mates. See how  their lives are truly connected and their love was stead fast she will be with her soul mate Gabe forever.
The power of Love is not Limited to Time and Space.
If you thought that there was no such thing as a soul mates I suggest you pick this beautifully written book, it will tug at your heart. Also make sure you read every page to the end. The Author’s Note is fantastic it is a must read truly it is!!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn’t put this book down and I hated to see the story end. The story followed into my dreams and I had wonderful dreams. The poems were just wonderful this book is worth it for the poems .
Hats off to Timothy for a wonderful story.
Have a happy trolley ride!!!!!!!!
5 Star plus.
ISBN 978-0-307-73221-7
I received this beautiful love story from Water Brook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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