Tell Me Your Story Grandmother By: Susan Wheeler

                                                               8/09/2013 review

                                                  TELL ME YOUR STORY GRANDMOTHER
                                                                       Susan Wheeler
This little book is a jewel for your grandchildren to know who their grandparent is and what she was like as a young child herself. What the world held for her and how the world looked to her in her youth.
As you magical flow through the pages as the beautiful bunnies as colorful as the rainbow lead the way with word of wisdom from different people like James Thomson,Henry Ward Beecher, Ella Wheeler Wilcox to mane a few give words that put a touch of love on these pages for example –Joseph Ridgeway writes “Youth is the gay and pleasant spring of life When joy is stirring in the dancing blood, And Nature calls us with a thousand songs, To share her general feast. Isn’t that beautiful. This was just a tid bit but the pages just are full of wonderful words like this that will make you stop and wonder where your youth really went. But you can read the words and close your eyes and wonder back in time as you think of just the right words to flow on the pages before you that you want your grandchildren to know about you and your childhood.
This is an awesome legacy you can leave for your grandchildren to keep so they can reread it and forever keep it as a treasured in their lives, as they sit in a rocker or swing on a porch and read it to their children a story of long ago. You’ll be able to look down and smile saying yes they will know some of their family history through this little book I wrote just for a nice cool summer night on a porch for my beautiful grandchildren.
This truly is a keepsake to say the least. Grab one and leave a history for your children and grandchildren to enjoy and know their grandparent. Enjoy writing your life on the beautiful pages shared by the bunnies and enjoyed by your children and grandchildren. As the pages end your legacy will just begin for your grandchildren and forever hold a special place in their hearts as they also pass it down to generations to come.
ENJOY WRITING YOUR LIFE. May your children and grandchildren enjoy your story.
5 star plus.
ISBN 978-0-7369-5478-5
I received this jewel of a book from Harvest house for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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