8/09/2013 review

                                                             BORN TO BE BLESSED
                                                                     John Hagee
In this tiny beautiful book you will find the Prophetic Blessing, the Proclamations, the Priestly Blessings, and you’ll see the difference what each Blessing does for you and your family.
This tiny powerful book of blessings is amazing. I learned a lot to help me. You’ll also want to keep this book close at hand to go back over it and read it again if there is a Blessing you’re wondering about or thinking of.
It is really a quick read but it holds so much information that you will want to take this book and reread it again and meditate on the pages in front of you. The information it holds is words you will want to hold dearly in your heart.
It has proclamation for your Grandchildren–one for a single parent and their children (you could even do it for your child). Here are more: proclamation for Wisdom Purpose and Guidance. Who doesn’t need all the help they can get for wisdom and guidance especially for your children and grandchildren?
I know when I raised my children by myself I could have used some more guidance and wisdom. As I worked two jobs to raise them so that left little time to see them grow and do the cute things that they do and say, or the different things they do in school. They grew up before my eyes it was sad but beautiful they are. As I see now with my eyes open God had to have a mighty hand in their growing because they are great children.
My daughter is over our Children’s Ministry and doing a wonderful job with those children and what they learn about their Lord. I can just see God smiling down on her saying ” Yes my child you are claiming the Blessing I have bestowed upon you for my kingdom, find job my faithful servant”.
I can see God had a bigger hand in her upbringing then I did.
Look around and watch your child and see if you don’t see where God has a hand in your child’s blessing too.
Travel these pages of this beautiful book and see what God has just waiting for you to grasp on to.
This is a must have if you love your family. Read it and be blessed by God him self.
 5 star for this little jewel.
ISBN 978-1-61795-190-9
I received this book free from Worthy for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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