Always the Baker Finally The Bride by: Sandra D. Bricker

                                                      8/8/2013 review

                                                ALWAYS THE BAKER FINALLY THE BRIDE
                                                                    Sandra D. Bricker
The characters you are going to travel with in this story is romantic, fun loving and just plain fun to be with. So let’s join in on their journey with Jackson, Emma Rae and see whom they will introduce you to or who you meant in the book before this one. Are you ready for a fun trip in time to a beautiful romantic love story with a little humor thrown in for good measure.
All the twist and turns Sandra takes you on are like a curvy, hilly country road with all the beautiful descriptions they tell, so hang on and enjoy the ride here we go.
This book is filled with yummy delicious recipes that you will surely want to try, there is drawings of the cakes yumm yumm that will catch your eye, then there is trivia for you to enjoy. There is all kind of tips through out this book like for: Diabetic brides who want wedding cake to eat at her wedding. There are tips on wedding invitations.
How does chocolate chip bread pudding sound great drizzeld with warm carmal yum yum, and red velvet cup cakes. You can keep this with your cook books.
This is a must have for a newly engaged lady. this book would give her a lot of wonderful tips on a lot of different things.
Sorry to see this be the final book in Emma Rae.
5 star.
I received this book free from Abingdon for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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