Creative Grandparenting


                                                              CREATIVE GRANDPARENTING
                                                                     Jerry and Judy Schreur
This book is very good and wish I had it years ago although I feel it was written for grandparents that are retired or living very, very close to ALL their kids and grandchildren other wise it won’t work as often as they tell you to do things for your children or grandchildren. And you best live close or this book won’t work until you get to Chapter #8.
 Until you get to Chapter 8 then it says Across the Miles, Mountains and Oceans (which is where I am and have been for more years then I wanted or expected). I have half my family in In and half in FL. even though they are close they are so busy and I work very early hours which hinders my visits with them but VCB class is when I take vacation to help my daughter out at our Church. May I say the best vacations I have had are right there not only helping my grand kids or watching them do what they love but I get to watch my whole Churches children.
There is steps in here for Creative Grandparents. No. #8 Love Jesus with your grandchildren (neat right) here you go  you can do this no matter their age even adults yes you heard me right even adult children
   Dear Jesus, thank you for this terrific day. Thank you for giving us life. Thank you for loving us. And Jesus thank you for (use your grandchildren’s names). Please watch over (again use their names) and protecting her/him. I love her/him very much Amen.
Jerry and Judy say “when you visit them or they visit you don’t read the paper or book but talk to your grandchildren and make it a enjoyable time while you can. Play games with them like go fish they love it and the time is something that will leave a wonderful impression on them”. Those are the most precious time for you and them that you can spend  with someone that you love very much. 
We communicate a lot to our grandchildren either verbally or non verbally. Although a Slip N’ Slide may not be one you’ll want to be involved in playing but you can still enjoy your loved ones as they enjoy the Slip N’ Slide and you yell for them to slide and say you go girl/ boy. There is all kinds of things you can enjoy with all age grandchildren.
Reading this I think even a Father or Mother could get a lot out of it, so they can learn to enjoy their children too. You may go back to this book several times. You could even enjoy Slip N’ Slide because you are young enough.
So as you read this book, your life will changes as you learn that you’ll have just as much fun making memories for yourself as you have making memories that will stay many years in the minds of your grandchildren. May God bless you as you make the memories for your whole family.
I give this book a 5 star
ISBN 978-1-57293-488-7
I received this book free from Discovery House. I was not obligated to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed were mine and no one else’s.
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