Echoes of Eden by Jerram Barrs


                                                                      ECHOES OF EDEN
                                                                            Jerram Barrs
As you wonder through the pages of this Beautifully written book– Learn what art really is at least good art.   What kind of artist do you like?
As you look up at the sky and see the fluffy clouds , maybe they’re gray and full of rain ready to open up and water the flowers the grass and the trees to make them beautiful then look at the MT. and how big and beautiful they are. So Did you ever think of the Artist that made and painted those? I myself never thought of an artist but I used to look up at the clouds and make out a dog, monster or a gator did you do that?

Did you think of the artist that made the world and all that is in it. Is that just another mysterious way God shows us just who made the world? Did you think of Eden as being an artist wonderland?
Did you scream when a thunder storm came and ruined your day in the sun or did you say “thank you God” now the flowers will be big and beautiful or the trees grow bigger, or vegetables and fruit that you eat have a drink and won’t die but grow beautiful with the rain and sun.
In this book Jerram gives three key elements evaluating great art. Then puts those qualifiers to the toughest test by thoroughly checking out five of the worlds most influential authors — he creates a scene so we can better understand yet another great character of God and getting us to come even closer to God.
Here is a couple of the authors that Jerram writes about: C. S. Lewis of Echoes of Eden in his own life and Tolkien “Lord of the Rings” .
Find out what he thought of these authors while others didn’t think they were Christians yet C. S. Lewis wrote a Bible and talked a lot about God and devoted his life to searching everything he could about God. Is that not a Christian or did I miss something?
You be the judge if these authors, are Christians or not, as for me I loved C. S. Lewis writings and enjoy the thought that he had such love for God. I have his Bible and it is great.
 I was going to give it a 4 but thought long and hard and I enjoyed the book so much I just couldn’t short change this book so 5 Star it is.  May you enjoy the artist of our lives. What has he painted for you? Buy this book and find out another character of your Heavenly Father. HAPPY READING!!!
ISBN 10-4335-3597-1
I received this book free from Crossway for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s. I was not obligated to give a positive review just an honest one.
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