Seasons of a Woman’s Life Devotional Journal by: Lois Evans


                                 SEASONS OF A WOMAN’S LIFE DEVOTIONAL JOURNAL
                                                             Lois Evans
I loved this cover of this Devotional Journal. The cover reminds me of fields back home–the flowers swaying in the morning breeze as you walk in the morning down the dirt country road, the smell of the different flowers, honey suckle every where I can actual smell it as I write this review, what a homey smell mint trees, all kinds of flowers. Home sick, home sick.
Women are seasonal creatures by nature so this devotional is just what we need to reflected upon. In the light of seasons we as women cope better with issues that arrive. I love this journal with it’s scriptures and words of wisdom that it leaves on your heart and in your writing that you may leave as a legacy.
In this beautiful journal there are helpful principals and encouraging promises to focus on as though your walking through beautiful farm land with the horses,cows, and sheep or even a donkey. Can you see them and hear them? It is a relaxing journey as you walk through the pages of this journal and write your prayers and thoughts down. As the scriptures capture your soul, listen for the soft voice of a Father.
As the seeds of the words on these page of this journal take root in your heart see what kind of flowers God has planted in these beautiful words, as the messages in the scriptures take hold—see the blooms open and how beautiful they are to your eyes mind.
You’ll write your prayers of the day and your thoughts down. As your communion with God is not by chance but because you’ve let the blooms of the flower open up to God.
For example: Today I went shopping– I hate to start to shop because then I want to go through ALL the store nothing of which I need. Yes another day in hot Florida, my face had sweat beads on it, that in it’s self upset me, and my steps to the store was getting heavier with each step I took. Frustration took hold of me but– God had other plans for me. I had B. A. (bad attitude) starting out the day not good. while shopping a lady stopped and we talked finally I asked her do you think this goes with the pants or this one? She told me which one with a smile that lit up the store. I smiled she was contagious with that beautiful smile, then she handed me a coupon for $10.00 off my full purchase. I walked with a lighter step to the car with the thought of what just transpired, because God showed me the flower that sprung from the seed he planted. He showed me that there are caring and wonderful people still in this world. I had a throne growing and he sent me a rose.
Through these pages as you write your prayers and thought’s see what you are growing in your season’s of life. Enjoy writing your prayers and thoughts of the seeds you want planted. I think that you really will enjoy this journal as you plant the seeds of your thoughts. So buy it and enjoy. Happy writing.
I give this book a 5 star 
 ISBN 978-0-7369-5320-7
I received this journal free from Harvest house for an honest Review. I was not obligated to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thank you Aaron for a wonderful journal once again.
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