Daughter of Jerusalem by Joan Wolf


                                        DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM
This is one powerful “Novel” of the Daughter of Jerusalem, through the narration by Joan Wolf. I learned so much about Mary, her family, her life that she was dealt and the love she looses, the challenges she faced as a girl and woman. She was an amazing woman. Her struggles was many.
The descriptions of her was brought out so well– that I found the book hard to put down even though there were a lot of times I had to, even my husband would say “hello I am here”.
So as you walk the paths that Mary walked try to put yourself in her shoes. How would you have handled the things she went through and her loses? With that thought in mind are you ready to hear a little of her life? Maybe then we can change some things in our own life.
Mary lived with her family in Magdala but then she was sent by her Father to Sapphoris to live with her Aunt Leah and yet to Capernaum. You will see how her life takes place in all cities.
Along her walks she describes the fruit trees, and the land as being either dry or grassy and the scene runs into her mind like a scenery from a movie and you are in awe even as a child as her descriptions of the land pull you into the scene with her.
Mary fell in love with Daniel, and him with her but as you know life isn’t always fair and so it was with her life. Daniel did give Mary the grounding for her religion and so her life begins as God takes her heart and soul.
In these days of Jesus and even in the Jewish religion women couldn’t be in the same room with men when they were in the synagogue. Wow I did not know that did you? Also when Jesus preached the women were  to stay out of the room NOT with Jesus, he cherished  the fact that Mary sat at his feet and listened so intently at all he had to preached about, that in its self  pleased him so much. The gentleness of Jesus at all times no matter what, in his voice or in his manner is amazing in itself. How could people doubt the love of God how?
See how Mary’s life plays out to be one of God’s most faithful disciple.  How her life along the way changes a lot.
This is a really fantastic book if you love Mary then this is a must read, you’ll really see the in depth of her life. May you read and enjoy one of the most famous woman in the Bible.
This was one book I will reread again so I can sit and soak it in like rain on a Spring day.
I give this book a 5
ISBN 978-1-936034-67-3
I received this book free from Worthy for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s. I was not required to give a positive review just an honest one.
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