NKJV Ignite

NKJV Ignite


This Bible is for teens. I was very interested in review this Bible since I have 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I wanted to see what this Bible had to offer a teen, because I wanted to know if one of my grandchildren could use this Bible for what it had to offer them in hopes to get them closer to God. I also found this Bible could be very good for someone new in their walk with God because with the Soul Fuel and Spotlight plus all the other extra help it has in this Bible would really make it so easy for a new Christian no matter the age, as well as the teen. Wonderful Bible all the way around.
These are the features that are in this Bible as follows:
FIND IT FAST: I like the table of contents because it is all on one page.
SPOTLIGHT: This brings out the subject of God and his people
WHITE HOT TOPICS: They say this is issues teens face. So  I was surprised that Bullying wasn’t on this instead it was under Flash Point or why not put it in both. Bulling is on page 376. Bullying is terrible in this country and I feel this would be one topic that teens or New Christians could use for comfort.
FLASH POINTS: Topics and stories you can read that you might miss just reading the Bible. This brings them out better to understand or a prayer that might help you.
SPARKS: This is a feature that shows God’s promises to deepen your faith.
SOUL FUEL: Those are verses that will be important may help you memorize, some seemed very long. Very good to help memorizing important words of God.
These features are wonderful in this Bible for anyone to find quickly.The colors they used to make these features stand out is really great, these features makes this Bible unique and a great addition to your Library. The maps in the back of this Bible is a great addition to help you learn the travel of certain people, the Guide To Key Bible Words in back are a great help.
On the back cover of this Bible it is printed out “God wrote the Bible with you in mind”. Which to me is a great way to reminded you every time you carry your Bible that God has you always in mind and he gives you comfort. The rest of the Bible is pretty much like all the other Bibles.
This Bible really amazed me with all the help for your teen or again I feel a new Christian would feel more comfortable with this fabulous Bible, even a life long Christian would get a lot out of this Bible.
Enjoy traveling through the pages of God’s book and getting to know your Lord and Savior!!
I give this Bible a 5 star.
I received this Bible free from Book Sneeze for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review just an honest one.The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thank you Book Sneeze for a most wonderful Bible.
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