Splitting Harriet by: Tamara Leigh

                                      SPLITTING HARRIET

                                                                        Tamara Leigh
At first glance of this book I thought Harriet was in her teens–she was in her 20’s. Really and she’s a prodigal  hmm. Or am I wrong by  that age yes maybe you still don’t have your life together.
Harriet seems to be feeling the Church transformation is chasing people away including her.
Harriet’s Father use to be the preacher at the very Church. Her Father retired one year ago now their on missions trip to India, extended none the less.
Seems Harriet is like a prodigal Really? Why? Because she is a preacher’s daughter like to drink, dance and carry on yep she sure is a prodigal child guess one day she will  come back to her roots you think she will or is she enjoying her fun of drinking and all those goodies Jelly Belly’s.
Harriet also works at Gloria’s Morning Cafe for now–she Serves the Women’s Ministry Director. She also is addicted to Jelly Belly’s. Is that so wrong to love those luscious Jelly Belly’s? Wow a handful of them sounds good about now.
Harriet is trying to turn her life around, no more hurting the people she loves, most of all no more motorcycles Really motorcycles makes you a prodigal??? Please don’t tell my Bible Class teacher–he’s great and I love his motorcycles– I use to drive one when I was young and reckless.
Harriet wants to stay reformed but with Maddox McCray will she be able to or will she slip back and here she goes again. Will her Jelly Belly’s help her stay focused. Will her shoplifting —what she’s a Preachers daughter surely you jest, she didn’t do that did she??
Guess you’ll have to get the book to see what is happening to Harriet.
Happy Reading.
I give this book a 4 star.
ISBN 978-1-59052-928-7
I received this book free from Water brook Multnomah for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are mine and no one else’s.
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