Angel In The Fire By Dann Stadler


                                                           ANGEL IN THE FIRE
                                                                  Dann Stadler
                                                                                                   Angels in the Fire
This is really a good book. The struggles of a young family with a child that was in a horrific car accident.
When their car accident happened Tracy’s Mom and Father (Mary and Tom) was waiting for Dann and Tracy  but instead of them showing up at their house– Mary and Tom get the dreaded phone call that Mary said herself as an ER nurse so many times, Mary encounters an echo of the words she has said herself so many times, words she dreaded to say, much less hear in her own ear. The hospital calls that her Daughter is there been in a car accident.
As time goes on and their daughter and her husband go through so many surgeries and rehabilitations, the time spent in the hospital away from their beloved daughter. Although they never had to worry about their daughter because grandpa was the best of the best.
Grandpa was in the service and he could handle anything coming his way and he did!!!!!!!!!!
He made sure whom ever took his granddaughter that they feed, changed her diapers and naps was important. When Tommy and Leslie  came back he hammered them with those questions, it was his responsibility— his charge–she had been a ship over the horizon and now she was safely back in port—never to leave without him again.
Then in 1996 in Nebraska, again sad horrible news for a family that has gone through so much already, now again a bad car accident –this time Mary’s– niece and family, only this time a little girl was in the car. Two dead, one alive and again lives are in turmoil, hurt, tears, the pain is hitting the core of all their hearts once more–how much is God going to put them through??????? When will it stop, when will happiness find this family and the pain go away– well not go away but at least let the pain lessen for them all. 
This book is very heart breaking, touching and at times hard to handle, but God is there his faithfulness to us is unshakable, we don’t know the why or the reason things happen the way they do, only God has that answer and until we get to Heave we will never know.  
Happy reading and using a lot of Kleenex
I give this book a 5 star
ISBN 978-0-7642-1114-0
I received this book for free from Bethany House for an honest review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thanks for a great book Bethany house.
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