God’s Final Word By: Ray C. Stedman

                             7-11-2013 Review

God's Final Word Understanding Revelation 9520 GOD’S FINAL WORD
                                      Ray C Stedman
This book is really powerful and Ray has done a fabulous job of writing this story to help and to show you how to understand Revelations also for preparing you for the coming of Jesus and the fight we will undertake as Christians until Jesus mounts his horse and leads his Angels into a Battle that will put The Dark side where it belongs.
   First let me say this, me being in FL. it is very hot here more then most of the time. But just look at the sky or maybe the ocean or take a walk along a lake where you live– look around at this beautiful world that God gave us to live and love and take care of for him. Then we remember that one day it will all come to an end, by none other then the very Loving Creator that made it with love and devotion for his sheep (which is us) to enjoy and live in harmony (which we don’t). 
God knowing from the start that he would have to one day end this world with none other then his own beloved son on the lead horse, giving a charge in a battle that will put an end to the Kingdom of The Dark Side.
To do so God gave John instructions (if you will) to write in the Bible “God’s book” in, to let us know what to expect, how to live and follow God. The Revelation has the most important words in the Bible for us to adhere to in these days. This part of the Bible is for us to know what will be coming our way, so we can fight the battle not against flesh of the world but the battle against The Spiritual World.
Revelations is at the end of the Bible because it gathers all the themes and historical events through out the beginning of the Bible to the end and weaves them together to make it whole.
Revelations gives us heads up on what to do, but remember like always God gives us the freedom to choose the way we live and how we live and do as we wish, but the end of that time we “reap what we sow”.there won’t be any turning back after Jesus comes it is over. 
So in Revelation there is wisdom for us to follow. You will see what the Dark side wants of you not good.
God loves us and has given us every opportunity to change and follow him and kneel down on our knees to pray and talk to him and have faith and follow him.
God reassured John, then commissions him. Write,there fore,”Says the Lord, “What you have seen,what is now, and what will take place later.” 
We will see the end of the Mystery of God and see him face to face. Glory be to God!!!
I recommend this book highly to anyone that wants to know  how to get prepared for a fight with the Devil.
 I give this book a 5 star.
I received this book free from Discovery House for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed were my own and no one else’s. I was not expected to give a positive review just an honest review.
Thanks Discovery for a very helpful, fabulous book.
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