The Kneeling Warrior By: David D Ireland, PHD


                                                             7/10/2013 Review

                                                       THE KNEELING WARRIOR
                                                         David D Ireland PHD
First the praying man on the front of the book drew me to it and then the title hit me. I love to read about Prayer Warriors. Mother Prayer Warriors any kind of Prayer Warrior.
If you love to read about how to become a Prayer Warrior this is a must have. It gives you a ground to become the Prayer Warrior fir the battle against the Kingdom of Darkness then you become a greater asset to the Kingdom of Light.
There are scriptures in this beautiful written book to go to and see how the prayer warrior prayed and the answers God gave to become a Prayer Warrior in him and for him.
I grabbed my Bible and my high lighter prepared to do battle with the Devil. Thinking I will highlight only what I would need well after highlighting a lot in the first two chapters I figured I’d be highlighting almost the whole book. I decided to just read the whole book then go back through it (after I write my review).
I had several Bibles out then like a light came on in the darkness of my brain and went in to retrieve my Spiritual Warfare Bible to look up the scriptures.
I feel this book will arm you with Knowledge of fighting the Spiritual world the way God is wanting you to do for him. I found wonderful ways to get ready to fight the battled of a life time.
God loves his children on their knees praying and talking to him. God loves his children and wants only for you to talk to him and keep him in your heart at all times. God wants to help you be there and he wants to know that you have the faith in him no matter what.
This book teaches you to fight for the promises God promised, it tells you exactly what spiritual warfare is, tells you how to tell the differences between trails and spiritual attacks and also tells you how to help others seize the promises of God for their lives.
The most powerful thing you can do against the devil, demons and spirits is praying to God calling on him on your knees. When a person reaches their wits end fall to their knees–God is there with open arms.
Enjoy becoming the Kneeling Warrior you want to become for God!!!!!!!!
ISBN 979-1-82136-024-7
I give this book a 5 star plus.
I received the Kneeling Prayer Warrior free from Charisma House for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s. I didn’t have to give an honest review just an honest review.
Thanks Charisma house for a wonderful read and a book that will be well used.
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