God’s Favorite Place On Earth by: Frank Viola

                                            7/7/2013 review date

                                                    GOD’S FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH
                                                                          Frank Viola
Grab a chair and a very quite place to read also get very comfy because you are going to be glued to these pages as you travel along the paths with Jesus and his disciples. As the pages of this story start to unfold in front of your eyes, meditate on the words that Frank is telling you. You’ll be able to use this through out your life to walk the path that Jesus wants you to walk.
You will see Jesus many visits to a small village of Bethany, he was not rejected in Bethany but welcomed with open arms and love. He can lay his head down there. He loved Bethany and the people especially Lazarus, Mary and Martha.
You’ll drink in the words of Frank Viola narration of this story but– travel with caution as you may find yourself seeing Jesus in a whole new way. This book may just change your heart and mind. As Frank seems to have an act for writing this story in a beautiful way and done from Lazarus’s viewpoint, who lives with his two sisters Mary and Martha in this small village of Bethany.
As you will see Frank has a very crafty way of writing a beautiful touching messages, that will touch not only  your heart but your soul as well. Take a deep breath and prepare to meet Jesus in a new and wonderful way that will captivate not only your heart but your soul. All of the facts in this book will help you better understand the story that will open before your eyes. Are you ready to find out what Jesus wants from you and how he wants you to live?
You will learn how Jesus wants us to live for him, also we can live the life Jesus wants us to live if we learn from Martha, Mary and Lazarus and the little village of Bethany. Even the struggles they had back then in Jesus day, we still carry those struggles today therefore Jesus holds the same message for us today as he did back then. This beautiful book will show you what those messages are that Jesus wants us to learn with the messages he has left for us.
The story opens with Lazarus telling of Jesus many visits to a small village of Bethany. Every where Jesus went he was rejected (I never thought of that did you)? Every where but Bethany.
Bethany” meaning is unclear some people say it means “house of the poor others thinks it means “house of afflicted” while some believe it is “house of dates and yet others thinks it means “House of Figs”  Frank chooses to use the “House Of Figs”.
Never forget that Jesus Christ is Resurrection and he is Life!
Surrounded by death, sorrow, wailing and mourning and grief Jesus doesn’t get flustered. He’s the unshakable Rock. Our Rock to stand on to fight our battles. He faces his greatest enemy without fear! Frank sees two things : First– Bethany is a place where God’s people are set free from Bondage– and there are several Bondage’s he lists. Then Frank says  Second– Jesus did not unbind Lazarus instead He told the people of Bethany to do it, why?
Frank Viola goes deep with his narration using Lazarus viewpoint so you can see the power of Jesus and what he went through, how he dealt with his rejections of every place and the people every where but Bethany and the people of Bethany. He loved Lazarus, Mary and Martha they were he’s friends.
Jesus was a man, a man without sin. I feel in this book you also learn how to look at rejection differently.
I think you’d really find this book very helpful in your life’s walk with Jesus and learn a wonderful lesson to help with rejection. May God Bless you as you read and travel to Bethany through Lazarus viewpoint.
I give this book a 5 star.
I received this book from David Cook publishing for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review just an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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