Trouble In Store by Carol Cox

                                                                                              7/3/2013 review

                                                         TROUBLE IN STORE
                                                                  Carol  Cox
Trouble in Store                                                                                      
The title it drew me to it like a magnet, and the cover is awesome . I am sure you will agree no doubt.
So what do you say let’s grab our cowgirl (cowboy) hats put on your boots and saddle up for an adventure you will not forget– READY here we go———
Melanie Ross is governess over 2 children in a rich family’s home taking care of Clarence a little boy, he is not just mischievous he is down right like the devil.  One day while taking care of 6 children something happens. Then she finds herself out of a job in an unreasonable circumstance that was not in her control.
She goes to pack because she knows she will never find a job in Ohio with anyone because Clarence parents will make sure of that. What will she do where will she go who will help her, she knows no one. While she is crying and packing, she is wondering where she would go, what to do and where will she lay her head at night. Then like a light she remembers a letter her cousins  sent her inviting her to come to AZ .  Alvin writes to tell her that her cousin George has passed away but that he is keeping everything safe for her until she could come to claim it.
So she sets out for Arizona. A very long ride indeed. Unknown to her when she arrives in Arizona and goes to the store she is meant by a not so friendly man and he makes her wait. Finally they talk Caleb is the nephew of Alvin, , but he is sorry she came all that way from Ohio just to find out Alvin is no longer with them.
Melanie is determine to stay and help run the store and Caleb is determined to get rid of her any way he can even if it means finding a husband any husband. Now he is on the hunt for a husband for her–to get her out of his hair.
Will Caleb succeed, will Melanie move and get married, and find the happiness she so wanted for along time? And where does that leave the store?
I give this book a 5 star–
It sure kept me on my toes with the twist and turns–I feel you’d be very amazed at this story–it’s a must have–You’ll cry, you’ll laugh and you’ll wonder though out.
I received this book free from Bethany House for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are mine and no one else’s. They did not say it had to be a positive review just an honest review. Thank you Bethany for a great read!!!!!!!!!!
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