The Glory Of Heaven by: John MacArthur


     Name above All Names                                 THE GLORY OF HEAVEN
                                                                   John MacArthur
 I saw this book and the author of The Glory of Heaven and knew had to be one good book. I have never had a book from John MacArthur that I have not liked and dove into and come out with a great view of what he was writing. So again I am not wrong this book was great as Always Thanks John for another great read.
Grab a cold pop, get comfy and you might want to grab a snack or even a sandwich and get ready for the best look at Heaven you will get.
So as you feel as though you are on the wings of an eagle flying above the clouds at the speed of light then the Eagle slows down as if he is on auto pilot– riding through the pages of this great book, take time to meditate on the words John says. You may be very surprised at some of the things you read. That gives you something to think about but get  your Bible and read what God has put there for you how he pictures heaven for you.
If you have read any of these books 1 The Boy who Came Back from Heaven by: Kevin Malarkey 2 To Heaven and Back by: Mary Neal or 3 Embrace By the Light,( I have them) Betty Eadie. See what John says about them, you may not agree but think and read in your Bible, see what you think then, I did hmm. I have all three books.
Now Dannion Brinkley asked how to reconciled his experience with Betty Eadie seeing Jesus: people relate a little differently because of the cultural heritage or the religious heritage.
I have read a lot of John MacArthurs books a really like them all so I knew this book had to be another hit for me and it was. I think this book will have you thinking about what heaven looks like through God eyes as much as God wants you to  know before going to heaven.
I received this book free from Crossway for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s. They did not say it had to be a positive review just an honest review.
Thanks Crossway for a wonderful book to review for you.
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