6/23/2013 Reviewed date

                                                                      I, SAUL
                                                             Jerry B. Jenkins with
                                                             James S. MacDonald
This book will take you through 2 different time periods, decades apart yet so similar that you almost for get which decade you are reading. The stories are so familiar with each other that you don’t want to put the book down, why you know the ending to Paul and Luke, but do you know how Augie and Roger’s ending will be? So be ready to go on a journey of a life time keep your eyes open to find the bad guy, he maybe right beside of you. Happy traveling.
This is a fast- paced, political intrigue,mystery and cultural detailed story.
 I have the  Left Behind stories and they were so good I couldn’t get to the next one fast enough. I love Jerry B. Jenkins style so I knew this was a book I really wanted to get and read.
As you walk through the pages of this beautiful story first it’s about Augie and Roger it start to take shape– Roger is texting Augie for help now he is scared, something he never has been, Roger has always been confident no matter what he did, hmm but not today he needs Augie.
Roger is a South African man. Augie would never lead a tour of an ancient city with out Roger, as a guide. This shows a very special friendship that Augie and Roger had.
Paul told Luke the account of his end could only be written by Luke himself.  when a follower of God longs to die fitting to our King Paul is not afraid of death, he is ready to go be with his Lord. Can you imagine how Luke felt? I am sure he was frighten for his dear friend and didn’t want anything to happen to him.
The other decade tells that Augie is on a dead run looking for Roger a man that wasn’t afraid of anything yet Augie gets a call that tells him the way Roger is talking something has him scared and he is on the run. But why what has gotten Roger a man that is sure of himself and confident so scared he is talking code and running, hiding, and not wanting whom to find him??????
Paul is being tortured not being fed fading away to nothing in a dungeon far under ground no light nothing but the heat of day, the cold of night and yet he loves his Lord with all his heart and soul that he is willing to die for his King of Kings. Will Luke die with him, will Paul die alone in the cold dungeon?
What could these two stories possibly  have in common decades apart? The friendship of each other, the love of God what else could it possibly be? What information do they have that someone will go to any link to get, that torture even killing them is not off the table. Who wants the information and for what reason?
Do you remember Saul the man who killed many Jews. Saul hated  the Jews and he felt a high like nothing else when he killed them, a man with no mercy, a man that had no consciences. Can you believe God turned his heart around, how and why would someone that hated that deep suddenly have a change of heart???????
As there are twist and turns to these two stories see how they are so much a like even though they are decades apart.
5 star. This is really a great read and Jerry B Jenkins is one of my favorite authors. I feel you really will love this books without a doubt.
I received this book free from Worthy for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are mine and no one else’s. I was not expected to give a positive review just an honest one.
Thanks Worthy I pestered you a lot I know. I loved this book.
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