Prayers for a Woma’s Soul by: Julie K Gillies

                                                                                                                     6/22/2013 Review date
                                                    PRAYERS FOR A WOMAN’S SOUL
                                                                    Julie K Gillies
Grab a cool refreshing drink,get comfy and prepare to drink in the extravagant prayers.
This is a beautiful SMALL prayer book, the reason I say it that way is a woman can put this little jewel in her purse and carry it on a plane, bus, boat, when I say boat for me that means BIG boat ya know the cruise line type please. The cover is so pretty a soft pale green with purple letters that draw you to it and a relaxing picture (I think of fragrance in the bowl on cover for the bathroom)  Yummy it’s bubble bath time. You can relax pamper yourself and read about the words God has written special just for you.
This little book packs a punch and has a lot of powerful prayers just for you, after all we as Mother’s seem to find so many people to pray for — our family, friends and along the way peoples that we don’t even know seems to need our prayers too. Isn’t it time to find a nice quite place and spend time with our Father and relax in his arms? 
Now lets travel through the pages and learn  love, peace, forgiveness, strength, and wisdom from our Father that Loves us no matter what. Ready to pamper yourself with prayer? That doesn’t mean we forget the others though we still pray for them, we just take time for ourselves too. Remember Jesus need to pray for himself, then so should we.
 Here we go– Page 99 God’s word’s for me: Is really on you seeking peace from God. My Peace on page 95-98 is nice for a Mother who has a child in the military, but this is a nice read no matter what. Remember God is the Prince of peace.
There’s 52 weeks 252 pages– on each day she starts out with what she is thinking of that she needs prayers for; then comes Prayers second, Third: God’s word’s for me which has the Scriptures that pertain to what she feels is needed for that day to help her with what she is wanting God’s help to comfort her.
As you go through this little book maybe your days will differ from hers so what you need to pray for, that’s ok change it. Let’s say for example you are on a plane and you are afraid of flying well grab that cute little book out and find the scriptures you need to read and the prayer you need to pray even though it is a different day. We know  with God we don’t need to be afraid he is in control at all times, but we are human and fear just raise it’s ugly head, so pray God loves to hear from his children.
I love this little jewel it is going to go right in my back pack, ok even though I am a granny I work and take a back pack–( so no laughing at me ok), to carry my goodies in like this little book along with my novel or mystery of the day and if I need it there it is handy.
I really feel you will get a lot out of this book even if it is a tiny little thing, it is powerful!! It really is a must have and remember it fits right in your purse!!
Happy praying and may God pampering you as you pray.
I give this a 5 star.
I received this book free from Harvest house for an honest review. Thanks again Aaron for beleiving in me. Also thanks again for a wonderful book. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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