Psalm 91 for Mothers by: Peggy Joyce Ruth & Angelia Ruth Schum

                                                           6/20/2013 Review date

                                                      PSALM FOR MOTHERS
                                                          Peggy Joyce Ruth
                                                           Angelia Ruth Schum
As you take a journey through the most powerful words of protection God could leave us with get a cup of pop, have a good relaxing day, take your Bible, a high lighter and mark the prayers that seem important to you for your children or grandchildren. Maybe you will want to go back and remember or maybe you will be like me where you will want to reread the book and pray one prayer each night to protect the person you feel needs prayers.
This book is not just for Mothers, Grandmothers can use these to pray for their family too or really anyone can use this wonderful book of Psalm because of the prayers of protection God has spoken he will do for you and your children so try to memorize as many as you can.
In this book of Psalm 91:1-91:21 you will read testimonies of those and how to use the words to protect those you love and yourself. You’ll read how God protected his sheep (us, his children).
Here is an example: Chapter 6 I will not fear the terror-you will not be afraid of the terror by night Psalm 91:5-6. It covers an entire twenty four hour period, day and night protection.
In Psalm 91:2 at the beginning of Psalm I will SAY circle the word SAY in your Bible because we must learn to verbalize our trust. No where in the Bible does it tell us to think the word. Great men of God like David, Joshua, Meshach declaring their confession of Faith aloud in dangerous situations.
Psalm 91 is one of the best to remember and speak out loud to God his promise of protection with that protection Satan can’t get to us. But you MUST speak out loud and run to God.
Now bow your heads and let’s pray together for the protection of our Children and everyone. May God show us the way. Amen
I give this books a 5 star.
I received this book free for an Honest review from Booketeria. The opinions I have expressed our my own and no one else’s. They did not required to write a positive review just an honest one. 
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