Clear Winter Nights By: Trevin Wax


                                                          Clear Winter Nights
                                                                  Trevin Wax
First let me say there was nothing about this book just the title and nothing more.
with that said why I picked it I really had no clue because sometimes I pick books for the cover because I love the cover — but this book cover was just black with yellow letters on it what looks like it might be a house with a light in the window. Interesting but that’s not why I got the book, I had no clue why I got the book— until after I started to read it— then I knew God must have felt there was a message I’d learn from this story
There’s a girl Ashley in this story, she’s very strong in her relationship with her Lord– and she knows how to forgive no matter the circumstances she is faced with. She know that no matter what she totally belongs to her Lord and Savior.
On the other hand there is Chris who is struggling with every obstacle there is—- like his stand with the Lord, what he wants to do about helping with the new Church, or even if he wants to marry his girlfriend there is so much this boy is fighting with. He also is struggling with forgiveness of the worse kind. What is sin and is there a better way. His dad is another problem altogether.
His grandma and gramps have been his solid foundation all his life, then one day a month after Christ visited his grandparents he went to a funeral– his grandma now his world seems to be falling apart even more so.
Now his faith, a beautiful fiancee and his career all hang in the balance so he decides to go spend time with the one person that always was the solid rock he needs now yep– his grandpa.
Will Chris find the answers he need to get on track or will he go a totally different route. Will his gramps tell him what he wants to hear or what he needs to hear?
Will you see yourself in Chris as you read this nicely written book or will you see yourself in Ashley the beautiful girl that knows exactly where her love and life is steadfast?
I learned from this book a few things that I probably ran from in my life too. I pray you will too.
I give this book a 4 star
I received this book free from Water brook Multnomah for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s. I was not expected to give a positive review just an honest one.
Thanks Chris for believing in me. 
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