Creations Sings His Praise


                                                     CREATIONS SINGS HIS PRAISE
In this book it showed me a much different way to look at Sin (Devil) Spiritual life (God) through nature, which are all kinds of animals, trees, water and our beautiful stars just all kinds of things our Creator created. It is amazing that  God made the stars and knows them by name. Have you ever thought of that??????????? I listened to that part in a song that I love but it really never hit me until I picked this book up and actually saw it in writing.
This beautiful devotional talks about animals, nature of all kind, people and it tells a story of how it relates to God. This is an amazing way of learning the love of  our Creator in a totally different way that will inspire and stay with you for a very long time, because as you look at the stars or an animal it will remind you of the devotion you read.
For example: Look at our wonderful Creator– as with birds God’s kindness in providing birds and animals with inborn impulses and patterns that aid them in adjusting to what is often a hostile environment. Their lives are thus guided and preserved despite their limited intelligence.
God created man to be the most intelligent of all but yet we don’t seem to always use our intelligence for the good of man kind or animal kind. We really can learn so much from the animals that (we seem to think are lesser then we are) for they could teach us about love and trust.
The one story that tugged at my heart and tears freely streamed down my checks was the story of  “Bound to Be Free” of a duck flying with an arrow embedded in her body– I guess I take after my Dad– he couldn’t be a hunter if he tried–hurting and animal isn’t in our blood and we just can’t seem to understand how some people can just hurt animals (or children) just to hurt them. It tells a wonderful story- although it could have gone a different way if you think about it——-
Whom do you trust other then our Lord Creator of all–not to you get to the end of the story do you know the direction this story teller is going, can you guess??
Another example of one of the devotions: A young woman hiking in Colorado lost her boot while crossing a stream, she made a shoe out of green twigs and wrapped it with a strip of cloth– then the first hiker reached into her back pack and took out a sports sandal (hmm I never even knew they had sports sandals did you)? Wear this she said you can mail it back when you get home–the girl did with a note that she passed several people noticing her and what she was wearing but she was the only one that offered help and the young lady thanked her.
Real love takes action. What would you have done had you come up on the hiker that needed help?
 I won’t tell the whole story of these devotions so I gave you just little bits of them  because I wouldn’t want to spoil them for you when you buy this beautiful book. It has beautiful and amazing pictures, that draws your eyes to them, and you see the wonder of God in each one.
On the side of the page in colors like orange, green, blue, purple, and mauve they have facts of nature. Which gives great information and is a very nice addition to the book.
This is really a unique book one that captured my heart. It has such beautiful work of devotions that bring our Creator into visual sight along with the Creations he made to tell the stories of Good and Bad which sure gave me insight into different ways of seeing my Creator.
This a must have devotional to have on your bed stand to read before bed time. I feel you will be amazed at what you read and learn it may even make you see life just a little different.
I give this book a 5 star.
I received this book free from Discovery House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, just an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thank Anne for another wonderful book.
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