New Spirit-Filled Life Bible By Jack Hayford

NKJV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible

NKJV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible Kingdom Equipping Through the Power of the Word

By Executive Editor: Jack Hayford                                                    6/10/2013 reviewed

                                                    New Spirit- Filled Life Bible
                                                            Jack W Hayford
Let me first say I feel blessed and Honored to be able to review this beautiful Bible. Although the King James Version is not one I usually read. I really liked the lay out of this Bible with all the tools that it has in it to help you get the most out of this Bible and closer to the Lord.
The Kingdom Dynamics: wherever it is in the Bible it is highlighted and keyed with a Dove symbol and gray screened to set it apart from the Bible text.
Word Wealth: each Word Wealth listings are near verse where the feature word appears illuminates Key passages and expands your overall understanding of the scriptures. The symbol is a sword and is in gray also.
 Truth and Action: are an practical  feature showing you ways to apply the Bible’s Great Truth. In chart form teaching of each book, then invites you-and shows you how-to act upon the summons the Holy Spirit is issuing in the word.
At the back of the Bible there is for example:  A Flame with passion for World Evangelism or Boundless Flame- Eleven different kinds of Flame, which I found very interesting. 
 Under World Evangelism, then there are: Holy Spirit and Restoration with several different Restoration.
Healing of the Nations: with different things for healing, for example wounds of the world or of Jesus.
Messianic Ministry, Personal Evangelism.
At the very back of the Bible there’s several pages for notes.
 After the note pages there are some colorful maps to look at and study.
This Bible has so much to offer a person to study and get a Spiritual filled life!!!
I love the Bible and again I don’t usually read the King James Version, but this is really a great Bible. Maybe I just have an open mind to a lot of different things in hopes to learn more about my Lord plus I have all kind of religions in my family so I have been introduced to all of them.
I give this book a 5 Star.
I received this book free from Book Sneeze for an honest review– The expressions are mine and no one else’s. I was not expected to give a positive review just an honest review.
Thanks Book sneeze for a beautiful Bible.
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