The Names Above All Names by Alistair Begg and Sinclair B. Ferguson


                                                            THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES
                                                                         Alistair Begg
                                                                     Sinclair B Ferguson
    Did you know Jesus had a lot of names through out the Bibles? I knew a few of the names but I was amazed at all the names he has and they are for a very good reason.
This book talks about seven names of Jesus, yes I did say seven names only. You are probably like me you bought other books with the names of God (which had a lot of names in it) to learn what they mean and they told you a little about each of the names, so you are probably thinking then this has to be a booklet not a book because it only has 7 names for Jesus. No actually this is a very nice book 181 pages with a lot and I mean a lot of information–that I really enjoyed reading and learning about my Jesus, the information I should have known but didn’t!!  this book goes into great detail and history of each of the 7 names for example: Jesus was like the second Adam= you remember the first Adam right (that’s why were in this mess) well the first Adam failed right?? So Jesus came no. 2 Adam to save God’s children (you and me). How will God’s Kingdom be recovered and established? The answer= is that Jesus will repossesses them in our name and for his Father’s pleasure and Glory. Satan will be crushed under foot!!
I really loved this and I typed it to hang above my computer to remember. I pray you’ll love it too–
             O loving wisdom of our God!
             When all was Sin and Shame
             A second Adam to the fight
             And to the rescue came.
             O wises love! That flesh and blood,
             That did in Adam fail,
             Should strive a fresh against the foe,
             Should strive and should prevail.”
I am glad for books like this– as I read through the Bibles I ask myself question–
A What could this mean to me
B What could this mean to the world.
I am blessed to find books like this that helps explain things that I am confused about.
In this book you will read:
A. Jesus as the seed of woman: who crushes the Serpent’s head
B. The Prophet of God whose word directs our lives
C. The great High Priest who intercedes for us
D. The King who subdues all our enemies and reins over us forever.
We will recognize him as the Son of Man seated beside the Ancient Days and the Suffering Servant who is now exalted as the Lamb on the throne.
On that day we will see with unclouded Vision why his Father has given him the—–
                               NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES
This beautiful book also has Scripture Index at the end of the book, isn’t that wonderful addition and very helpful too. The two Authors really went into such depths so you’d know your Savior for the true Savior that he is.
                                    GLORY BE TO GOD!!!
Happy Reading!!! May Jesus Bless you as you read this book of Jesus Name’s that gives you in sight into what his names mean for you.
I have no choice then to give this book a 5 star–to do other wise would not give this book the justices it deserves I would give it a 10 if I could, That is how well the book was written and how much it helped me. This book is really a beautiful book and very informative.
I feel if you buy this book you really will be Blessed by it because you will know Jesus like never before.
I received this book free from Crossway for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are mine and no one else’s. I was not told it had to be a positive review just an honest review.
Thank you Angie for believing in me to review for you and I feel very blessed. This is a beautiful informative book.
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