The Singing God By Sam Storms


                                                         THE SINGING GOD
                                                              Sam Storms
I saw the Author Sam Storms on this book and knew I wanted to read it because I read another book he wrote and it was a very good.
 This book has a lot of information that you learn of the Happy God and why is he? This book will help you find out.
The Singing God shows a different side of God. It shows a happy God that sings for us why because he loves us. He forgives us so many times for our sins all we have to do is be honest and ask for forgives and we are forgiven. Isn’t that awesome? How many other people would forgive us and love us unconditionally as God does? No one that is who, no one.
Did you know that when one, yes you heard me right when one sinner comes to God and turns his life from sin there is singing in Heaven. God sings, the angels sing it must be the prettiest music we could ever hear. Did you know that God sang? I never thought of God singing did you? Especially for me.
Sam says that in our darkest times we sometimes feel God has forgotten us. Sam tells his story of his daughter Melanie– they love to play Hide N’ Seek in the house–well they moved to a much bigger home– one day Melanie wanted to play Hide N’ Seek, so her Dad said ok it was still light out side so he turned off the lights and he hide where he could see her but she couldn’t see him. Soon the light turned to dark and Melanie got scared thinking her Daddy left her. She started to cry and so her Dad came out of hiding and picked her up, she told him “I thought you left me”. Isn’t that how we feel when we are going through a really bad time and we call out to God but we hear nothing–nothing so we cry out to him and ask him why did you leave me when I needed you most? Have you felt that way? I have.
He tells the story of David in prison, yes you know David he was in prison and he cries out several times to the Lord then he sings. Yes you read, that right David sings to God.
Then there was this Chinese Pastor whom was imprisoned for his faith in Christ. So the guards gave him the worst job to do, why because he prayed to Christ. The guards gave him the job of cleaning the Cesspool,  yep you heard me a Humane Cesspool,” no way” was my thought. The Chinese Pastor thought it was great and he was so happy—why– read this very carefully–because he had to get into the diseased cesspool to clean it because it was so deep he couldn’t clean it any other way, so he climbed inside it to clean it–so you ask why was he happy–no one was there because of the stink– that’s right while all the other prisoners was being watched the Chinese Pastor was all alone and he could pray to his God, saying the scriptures out loud that he memorized, Listen to this he sang to God that’s right your read it right again he sang to his God.
So in anticipation go ahead sing as David did and sing like the Pastor in prison sang to God, while he was cleaning the cesspool he sang to God who knows you just might hear God join you with a song of his own.
Sam says the next time you pray shut up you read, that right also shut up and listen Let God share his heart with you.
It says there’s singing in Heaven. God must have the most beautiful voice of all–stop and listen maybe you’ll hear him–be silent– do you hear him sing?? Well you might have to be silent along time but be patient you’ll hear his beautiful voice — if you take the time to just listen——
There is so much more that I could have written on this book, so buy it and learn about our God singing.
I pray that you all will hear God singing, wouldn’t that make your day beautiful? I feel this is a real good read and that you will learn another side to our Lord. I feel you will not be dissatisfied with this book. Have fun singing to God, he may even join you.
I give this book a 5 star.
I received this book free from The Booketeria for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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