A Quilt For Jenna By: Patrick E Craig


                                                                A Quilt for Jenna      
                                                                Patrick E Craig
Have you ever picked up a book just because the cover drew you to it? I have, it actually started out as a joke with me and my friend 13 years ago. I am still doing it and so is she. Funny how a tradition can get started and with whom. Well this book was no different I saw the cover and it drew me like a magnet.
The stories that are intertwined inside the pages of this book are like a quilt being made into a pretty pattern. They are heart warming, tear jerking, will put a smile on your face at times and put fear in your heart.
From the first pages of Patrick’s notes I was hooked. He let’s you know Apple Creek is a real place, the streets are real and the people are real. His research on the Amish in Ohio and in particular on the Amish quilt making. (the story is not) Being from Ohio, born and raised and meeting some Amish people this book was a great read. They are truly wonderful people.
It tells of the struggles of one Amish Boy. A young Amish girl, and English boy and of Jenna.
As he starts to tell the stories it starts with Jerusha making her quilt, her struggles and why this was her most beautiful quilt she ever made. Tells of her grandmother first helping her as a child to learn the quilt making.  It also tells the story behind the way they make their quilts, which I found very interesting.
He tells of the strong relationship Jerusha and her grandmother had.
Then there is Ruben a Amish boy struggling with his religion his curiosity of the world outside of his peaceful Amish community. A war and his thoughts and his struggles with God.
Bobby a friend that wasn’t Amish. Can their friendship with stand the test of times.
A winter storm the worst ever that hits Ohio as Henry a friend drives Jerusha to the county fair in Dalton to take her quilt to be judged.
A car that wrecks and slides down a hill through some trees and lands on a meadow or something a lot worse?
All through out their struggles where is God? Who does God send or place in their paths to guide them? What ever happens to them, the end product well be their faith do they have enough to help them through, or do they find their faith just isn’t strong enough?
I give this book a 5 star. I love the cover, the story really keeps you on your toes.
ISBN 978-0-7369-5105-0,
I received this book free from Harvest House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own  and no one else’s. Thanks again Aaron for believing in me, I have been so blessed by these books.
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