Rose Then And Now Bible Map Atlas

Rose Then And Now Bible Map Atlas

                                           With Biblical Background and Culture
    This is a must have to go along with your Bible. This bible is so unique its unbelievable.
This Bible has some of the neatest graphs, maps for the old way the countries was in the beginning before Jesus came to earth, and while he was here on earth, The Bible overlays show modern -day cities and countries where they are located today, then you can take the overlay off and see the cities as they were before and during Christ days here on earth. These overlays are such a nice touch you will love them(learn more from them too). You get to see the old and new isn’t that awesome?? I think so, I just love this Bible.  Also I wanted to mention that many maps included arrows to show details and routes of people like Moses, Abraham, and of course this wouldn’t be a Bible if it didn’t have the most important person of the Bible JESUS.  
This Beautiful Bible with its maps, pictures, Family Histories (back in the day before and when Christ was here) You will enjoy the beautiful pictures that tells some of the stories of the lives of the people those are really nice to read and look at and visualize what it might have been like back then, (although I must say I am glad that God chose to have me on earth when he did because I don’t know if I would have been cut out for that kind of life).
Here is examples of a few of the people that you can read about their stories and what was so important about them and why they are special people that should be recognized in the Bible.
Moses, Esther, John The Baptist, Mary and Joseph ( we all know why they were special people of the Bible yes)?
As you know the Middle East, both ancient and modern, has not been particularly kind to women, So when Israel was delivered by the hands of two yes, TWO females Deborah and Jael the victory was oh so sweet, yes we females can fight for our love of country too and be just as good (yippy 1 for the female). That story was grrrrrrreat to say the least. I have to be honest in all the Churches I have been in and belonged to none that’s right none mentioned this story HMM ladies makes you wonder why doesn’t it?
There’s the old testament time lines that are great to look at and see what took place.
This whole Bible is just so amazing and has so much more then I can put in this review. You truly would love and be amazed by this Bible. I think you will be blessed by this Bible because of the maps and the added information it give you.
This is a wonderful addition to use with your Bible it truly is a must have. You won’t regret it at all.
I give this Bible a 5 star (I’d give it more if I could)
I received this Bible free from Rose-Publishing for an honest review. They did not say it had to be a positive review just an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are mine and no one else’s.
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