LIMITLESS By: Nick Vujicic

                                                          Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life   
                                                                         Nick Vujicic
In this beautiful little devotion book of Limitless  Nick is showing us help on how to face obstacles with confidence and courage we didn’t know we had in us.
As you sit and read this little book maybe you will want to do it one day at a time or maybe you will be like me and you start to read it and all of a sudden you realize you are reading all of it. Hmm that means it had a great in pack on you so much that you could not put it down, well that is ok too. Because you can always go back and read it again one day at a time if you wish.
Whether you struggle with faith, cancer,relationships, challenges, anger health concerns,self-esteem, finding balance or doubt in your dreams. Nick’s Biblical encouragements that he is about to show you in this little powerful devotional will help you grow in faith and help you find courage where you had none. Nick’s positive attitude will rub off on you. It has to how can it not just look at this awesome man!!!!!!!!! Then tell me you can’t find hope!!
 As you take the journey through his book it will transform your life and show how you can over come limitations because God is limitless.
It is full if Love,Courage,Faith.
Reaches  found people who successfully dealt with physical adversity actually grow in positive ways,including:
Stronger then they thought. They recover quickly from future challenges.
They discover who truly cares about them and those relationships grow stronger. 
They put greater value on each day and on the good things in their lives.
They become stronger spiritually.
Before each day there’s a scripture from the Bible at the end of that day of devotion there’s what Nick calls Limitless Life *something for you to think about
Nick over came his circumstances and limitations because of his strong faith he understands the limitless love and power God has for EVERYONE  yes EVERYONE example:    
Day 23 “Celebrate your     YOU-NIQUENESS” isn’t that a neat way so you can remember you are Unique to God after all he made you special.
Each day you read one of the devotionals are a special day of getting you closer to Hope making stronger in Faith, and loving yourself because God loved you first.
Like I said when I reviewed Unstoppable–Nick is awesome. I saw the talk show he was on and couldn’t believe the love he had for his our God. I couldn’t walk away from the TV he was so wonderful and his faith so strong he just drew you to him. I thought to myself how selfish I have been all these years I have wasted on the wrong things in my life. When all I needed was God and Faith. But I am glad to find out I am still not to old to give my life over to God.
My one regret is that I never got to review Nick’s book “Life without Limits.”
For such a little book it holds a lot of faith,hope,and power.
Join in the journey of finding Hope and Faith where you thought there was none.
I give this book a 5 star. I recommend this book highly for the new Christian and the old Christian. A nice addition to anyone’s library.
I received this book free from  Waterbrook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I express are my own and no one else’s.
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