Four Paws from Heaven by: M.R. Wells, Kris Young and Connie Fleishauer

                                                   Four Paws From Heaven

                                                      M.R. Wells, Kris Young
                                                       Connie Fleishauer
 Three authors wrote this amazing book. This is a wonderful book for dog lovers or even people that don’t like dogs that much. You will still have a wonderful read in this beautiful book.
So come on call your dog grab a leash and let’s take an amazing journey through a book that will open your eyes -to a whole new wonderful world of learning what — LOVE–DEVOTION, LOYALTY and FAITH is truly like from one of God’s creations that he gave us and all they ask is for us to love them. Maybe we could truly learn the real meaning of Love,devotion,loyalty and faith
One story read—That her pup wagged his tail and went running to her to show he missed her while she was away all day,but all she said was “not now go away” as she watched her pups sadden eyes as he slumped his shoulders and walked away, all the joy was gone it only took a few harsh words and a tone of voice. Have you done that to your pup? I have, after reading this story and having it hit me full force in the nose I now come in glad to have the attention of my 3 pups and having Cassie Girl put one paw on each shoulder, her nose touching mine, like having a dancing partner, she’s happy because I showed her attention, I feel loved and missed which makes my day a whole lot better no matter how bad it had been.
Remember it takes just as long to hug your pup as it does to take your hand to push her down.
Each author writes stories about their pups that bring them to thinking of a scripture in the Bible or a person of the Bible, nice touch. There are some sad stories so again take some Kleenex you may find you have wet eyes reading parts of the story. They write about their beloved,faithful companions that gave beyond anything you could imagine if you’ve never been adopted by a dog. Some of these stories are sad, some are joyful,but always you see the devotion of the pups.  Maybe you’ll be like me and see yourself in a lot of these stories and yet come away with a whole new out look on how to handle these kind of situations. In each story the author learns a lesson and some reminded them of Scriptures in the Bible. That is a great addition to have so you can read what the scripture says, a lesson for us all.
At the beginning of each chapter is a Quote or Scripture to read.
There is “Consider Tips” at the end of each chapter. Very nice.
There’s a Scripture at the end  of each chapter. All of these add such a nice touch to this beautiful book.
                        Here is one of the Quotes that is one of my favorite:
                                  Love doesn’t Make the World go ’round
                                 Love is what Makes the Ride Worthwhile.
                                               Franklin P Jones
Happy Reading!!!!!
So as the journey of this book comes to an end–I hope you’ll tuck away some memories of Love, Faith, Loyalty and guard your furry family as the best friend that he is and watch your life along with his change. After all God gave them to us for companionship to love and take care of for God.
This truly is a must buy for a dog lover.
I give this book a 5 star.
I received this book free from Harvest House for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
Thanks Aaron for believing in me for being one of your reviewers.
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