Who Is This Jesus

                                                                      5/1/2013 reviewed


                    Who Is This Jesus

                                        The Hope You Can’t Resist
                                               Max Lucado
I have many books by Max Lucado and he is a wonderful writer. I love his books, style of writing and how he captures the characters that draw you into the book as if you are right there with everyone. I picked this book first because of  Max, second I loved the picture of Jesus on the cover it drew me in and third by far not the last but above all its a book about Jesus our Savior the one whom died to give us everlasting life.
Like I always say in my reviews grab a cup of tea and some Kleenex for you will need them. If you are like me tears come when least expected.
The picture of Jesus on the cover just drew me to this book. I finished this book in 20 minutes but that didn’t do this book justices, so I went back opened it again with a prayer and more attention on the pictures and the story. I looked at the pictures for along time that seemed so real to me and read again the story, I stopped and took a few minutes to just drink in the messages that Max wrote for us.
I have been blessed that I was able to read this beautiful book and review it. The pictures of art work alone tells a story in itself. The way Max Lucado wrote the story was so awesome for such a little book,it carried a lot of weight.
The Story tells a lot about our Jesus in a new and wonderful way. This little books lets you see in a totally different way the crucifixion,the burial,opening of the grave,also the people that let Jesus face all of this alone with no help,the people that he taught,prayed with,ate and  lived with him knew him better then anyone and yet they left him to suffer by himself or turned on him.
The art in this book is captivating the drawings, draw you right into the picture and you feel like you are part of the scene. The crown of thorns they placed on Jesus head —you look at it and it’s as if you can reach out and touch the crown that pierced Jesus head. My first thought was how could they be so cruel to have place this on such a wonderful man that showed them love and mercy, miracles that no one else could have done.
The–worst-day-became-the-best-day in this book,told by author Max Lucado will take a closer look at  and Max being Max,he will do so from an unexpected angle. So hold on and get ready for a real good story that will stay with you for a life time. A story you will have to go back to several times through out your life just to refresh your memory of the GREATEST MAN WHO LIVED or a story you will read to the little ones in your life.
If the story could have been told
If the story had been told
It might have gone something like this———- (I will give you a little sample of it)
Suppose on of the Roman soldiers would have told his side of being there when Jesus was nailed to the cross. Just suppose————-
Wonder if Claudius tells his story to the Jews–Listen–Be Quite—remember he is a Roman Soldier among Jews (Jesus people).
Then he says “I noticed he was different. He didn’t shout or resist. And when we hammered the spikes in his hands—-” He goes “he (meaning Jesus) held his hands still—he didn’t fight.”
“He never seemed Anger,” Claudius voice grew softer—as he continued,”he never blamed anyone. People were cursing him and laughing at him,but not once did I see his eyes lose their calm.”
He continues to tell more of the story through the crucifixion, burial, Jesus tomb that was open, then Jesus coming back. Want to read more go grab the book and start reading———
This story is short but has an in packed that will have you knowing our Savior better and the love that he held for us that he was so willing to die such a horrible death to save us and give us eternal life with him.
As you read this story–Stop–Look at the pictures that the artist drew—they are captivating in them selves. The pictures add so much to the beautiful words of this book.
You’ll have to buy the book to read the rest of the story Claudius tells. This story and pictures that will have you wanting more of Jesus— It truly is a must read, I recommend it highly. So pick up a copy and enjoy the unforgettable  journey that Claudius takes you on.
This little book has so much to say that I truly pray I gave this book the justice it deserves.
Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this beautifully written book.
I received this awesome book free from  Worthy Publishing for an honest review. They didn’t say it had to be a positive review just an HONEST one. The opinion is mine alone and no one else’s.
I give this book a 5 star (plus if I could).
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