There” A Green Plastic Monkey In My Purse

                                                                                                          4/21/2013 reviewed

                                               THERE’S a GREEN PLASTIC MONKEY in MY PURSE
                                                                 Jessie Clemence
I picked this book out because it was a cute title and reminded me of my Mommy days so long ago.
I remember the plastic monkeys in a barrel where you had to try to pick them up one by one with their little hands.Yep I had them in my purse, pants pockets and in my shoes, oh how those years come rolling back to me just reading this cute little book. It’s not a really long book.
Hmm did we have these kinds of books when I was your Mom?
Well I stared to read this book and found out I am not alone, there are actually other Moms out there that was feeling the same as I was, dumb about Mother Hood. When I had a problem I called my Dad his advice was well used because if anything happened to his grandchildren there was a penalty to pay.
Jessie tells some of her stories in funny carefree ways but you can tell what every stories was about it still meant a great deal to her. Maybe if I had look at the different words to describe my situation I’d laugh instead of cry or go to God with a pray of needing help from above.
Remember your Free time? Not much free time with little ones around the house demanding a dry diaper instead of the one that looks like it just soaked the whole ocean up– Oh yes and  go to far on a car trip? Heaven for bid no child should have to be put up with a parent that goes very far and you have to sit with that strong arm of that strange thing they just sat you in. No that is not a fun trip for a child to endure at all so the little one let’s the parents know in the best way they can crying will get their attention very quickly, and that look from the baby saying “hey you up there I am ready to escape this thing you put me in for all of 15 min’s”.
Now for finances– babies cost money no matter what. If you treat them right not over spoil,not under spoil, oh is there a mid way spoil of course there must be some where.
But remember those diapers yes those oceans grabbing diapers and the formula well they’ll grow out of that. Then comes the other fun things yes you remember field trips,camp, maybe horn lessons on the horizon. Oh that will by pass too and then there is car, with that you got it car insurance; not finished now college. Finally you yes I get to have some hobby money again–oops I forgot the college tuition  well your kids own your money – but they will pay you back in full with love that you’ll never find any where else. So special are our kids.
I recommend this book for a new Mother for sure. You will find away to laugh at your situations instead of yelling or sitting down saying “why me Lord”. The Lord knows why he puts those love ones in your care for him. So enjoy them and what they bring to your home. Next comes grand children and they are a special breed for you to enjoy.
I received this book free from Discovery House for an honest review. the opinion is mine and no one else’s.
Thanks for letting me review this cute book.
I give this book a 5.
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