Bread and Wine by: Shauna Niequist


                                                                   BREAD and WINE
                                                                  Shauna  Niequist
This book is really a home hitter. I sat at work reading this book at lunch tears just streamed down my cheeks some passed and looked while (girls) that read knew I must be reading a very sad story it was in away and in another way they became tears of joy.
As a young teenager she traveled all over with her Dad, he’d spend a lot of time working. While he worked he gave her challenges, like checking out Sidney for seafood because it is known for that. She loved the challenges her dad gave her (wasn’t always food). She seemed like she really had a great child hood.
If you’d like to take a peek at a good sounding recipe look on page 99 of the book, oops that means you will have to buy or use some ones book. Some of the ingredients I have not heard of but my son-in-law would know he is a chef.
  Jazz and Curry chapter Daniel Duane writes about cooking with Thomas Keller of the French Laundry in Napa Valley. Keller is of course one of the greatest American Chef,known for his obsessive pursuit of perfection and fanatical attention to details. Hmm wonder how that turn out? take a look and find out interesting though.
This book is an all around book—— a recipe book, it has heart warming stories about the Author and others,a tear jerker that could bring you to your knees or laughter that will make your curl up and hold your tummy from laughing so hard.
I loved her style. Another Author to add to my list of Authors that I will look for more books written by her.
Cold Tangerines and Bitter Sweet sound great too wish I could have reviewed them.
I recommend this book highly for anyone that loves new recipes and good stories (funny and sad) so  grab it then read it with a gourmet cup of coffe, have hankies by your side, markers for the pages and a free hand to hold your tummy while you get a good healthy laugh. God is listening and laughing with you as you read.
I received this book free from Book sneeze for an honest review. They did not say it had to be a positive review just an honest one. The opinion is mine and no one else’s.
I give this book a 5 star.
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