WISDOM OF THE WEST
                                                          Riding Trails and Telling Tales
                                                                  TOM BROWNING
First let me say I for one loved this book and the wisdom that was in it, you can still use some of that wisdom today if you’d like to.
So grab a cup of nice hot tea, relax and enjoy a good book. As you do, stop close your eyes and ponder on the words that you just read maybe you will hear the cattle or horses in the back ground and if you love music, maybe you will hear the cowboys singing and strumming of a guitar or visualize them sitting around their camp fire laughing and telling tales of the first cattle drive they were on.
You’d Fall in love with the Western cowboys and cowgirls as they paved the way through the wild west, which is now the good old  USA. We are very fortunate to have such brave men and women to fight the elements, the Indians (which by the way, I always root for the Indians) pave the way for us to enjoy the freedom of our country as it is today.
Samples of some of the wisdom written of the west in this little book go head and enjoy. 
Sow a Thought,reap an Act,reap a Habit:
Sow a Habit,reap a Character,sow a Character,reap a Destiny.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                  MEXICAN PROVERB:
It is not enough for a man to learn to ride;
He must learn how to fall.
                                                            ABRAHAM LINCOLN:
 I do the very best I  know how: the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end.
WOW can we have Lincoln back??
Isaiah 30:15  In quietness and trust is your strength.
Even the Cowboys and cowgirls read the Bible and believed and trusted in God. How do you think they did so well?
The wranglers and ranch hands who made their way west to embrace this life worked hard to earn their promotions and become cowboys who could ride with a crew for round ups. If their sweat equity paid off they grew to be strong leaders and reliable comrades on the trail. Those who help a solid reputation made the roster for the long rides and received the chance to go beyond the boundary lines of yesterday and head for the open horizon of their future.
The wisdom of the west allowed for new dreams and the hope for a better life.
That is what they gave us is a legacy that we should live by not destroy all they done for us with their blood,sweat and tears and life.
As legacy goes, Will Rogers was one of the West Greatest cowboy a legend in his own right. Then there were sharp shooters, cowboys and cowgirls that were great with ropes as Will Rogers was known for. Cowboy and cowgirls that  could ride horses and do tricks on them.
We missed all that fun. No some of the young people that live out west now still do barrel runs, tricks on horses not only are they talented the horses have to be trained too so they work well with their riders, called team work.
This book is really amazing for such a short read, there is only 48 pages. I read this book in less then 1/2 hour. I also closed my eyes and pondered on what I read and I could visualize the camp fire and the cowboys and almost hear the music, it was really a relaxing read. 
It has a lot of information in such a little book. The pictures are beautiful of the horses and the cowboys that rode them, the land the pictures are so neat that as you read this to your children they could look at the pictures and probably will have a lot of question of their own or their imagination will tell what they think about the story and pictures, maybe something you never thought of as a grown up.
Wonder what it would be like to live in those first days of the coming to the “Wild West.” Wonder what would the Indians tales be as they sat around their camp fires telling their young Indian braves of their stories of the white man who came to their land?
I’d recommend this book highly. It is a cute read and has the information that you may never have known about the beginning of our wonderful country and what all the pioneers went through to live here and survive and build what is now known as the United States of America.  
I got this book free for an honest review from Harvest House Publishing Co. The comments and review is mine and no one else’s. I truly feel this book deserves more then a 5 star but that is all I am aloud to give.
Thanks Harvest House for a wonderful educational book on the Wild West. Thanks Aaron for all the help you gave me and for believing in me.
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