God’s Not Dead

                                                         GOD’S at War
                                                                Kyle Idleman
I have the book Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman but lent it out and never picked it up after I got it back to read it—guess I better find the book and read it. Everyone says it is good as God’s at War.
The God’s at War is a very challenging profound message from Kyle. It makes you think about the way you are living and what really is first in your life and how can you change your life so that God is the main person above and beyond anything or anyone else.
He makes a claim we are idolaters if we put material things first and if they are more important to us then God is to us. I’ve learned even people in our lives can take away from God. May I clarify that the wrong kind of people can take away from God in our lives.
As I read though this book some of it brought tears to my eyes–to fully feel you are not a mistake-how awesome is our God to love us this much? God also says he makes no mistakes that means none, zilch that means he makes everything perfect the first time every time. He made you and you are not a mistake he knew exactly what he was doing and how you were going to be, what you do does not surprise to him. Nothing you do surprises him, he knows long before you do it you were going to do it, so if you mess up don’t be afraid to pray and let God know you sinned why not he knows any way, why not say it and pray to him about it.
Kyle style is easy to read. He wants you to know that God gives you gifts to enjoy but don’t put them before God. Our idols could be of food,entertainment,sex,money,family,achievements,and our own selves if these things come before God nothing or no one should come before God.
Kyle shares his stories of these idols in his life so we can relate and follow and not feel we are the only one that does this. Kyle makes you feel at ease and like you are talking to him as a friend. As he tells his stories he connects them to scriptures.
This book helps me look at the scriptures in a new light. May God help you look at the scriptures in a new way too after you read this book.
I really liked this book I am sure my Pastor would love it too.
I would highly recommend  this book to a new Christian and a long time Christian.
A 5 star for this book.
I got this book free from DeMoss Group for an honest review, they did not tell me it had to be a positive review. The opinion is mine and no one else’s.
Thank you Kelsey again for having faith in me to read and give an honest review. I so enjoyed all the books.
You are an Angel.
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