God’s Not Dead

                                                                          posting 3/30/2013

                                                     GOD’S NOT DEAD
                                                         Rice Broocks
I saw  the title to this book and thought back to my CD of the Newsboys “God’s Not Dead” He surely alive living on the inside roaring like a lion. Did this book get the title from Newsboys CD? I love that song and listen to it every day on the way to work, (since I have well over an hr drive) I listen to a lot of my Christian CD’ or my Pastor’s CD’s.
With that said I saw this title and knew I wanted to red the book. God is not Dead too much shows us he is very much so alive and still in control of this earth. We  see what happens when we take God out of things like our schools.
The book is a great read although I think it is for someone else that is smarter then I am on a lot that what Mr.Broocks speaks on. I will reread it again later. I am sure my Pastor  will love to read it so I will lend it to him.
Now grab your high liter so you can mark parts that you’d like to go back and reread again.
Chapter 7 Jesus and The Resurrection kept me on my toes and my high liter got a work out.
How can anyone deny that Jesus is alive after dying a horrible death on the cross by the hands of the Rome men then they gambled for his clothes. Then 3 days yes 3 days they went to his tome and it was empty no body to be seen any where. If the Roman’s would have found a body they would have produced it but they couldn’t. Yet Jesus walked among a lot of people they saw him a live.
If there is a lot of evidence that God is truly alive and still in control of the earth. As you read through out this book you will see the different evidence that Mr Broocks talks about.
It was a hard read for me to follow really takes a scholar to know some of what he is talking about and to follow him. Yet it was a good read in the chapters I could follow. All in All I loved the book.
Think of this if God was dead and people truly felt he was they would not be so interested in finding out about him. Instead he is the most sot after person to find out about the way he lived the miracles he has done, the preaching that he did when he was 30 years old. His baptism, his whole life intrigue even the unbelievers, isn’t that strange that the unbelievers are so interested in the one man they say is dead??? God did more in his short life then anyone else did in their very long live. Jesus touched more then anyone. Tells me they know he isn’t dead but they don’t want to admit it to themselves or anyone else.  
I would recommend this book it really is a good read, but like I said a hard read.
I received this book free from DeMoss Publishing Company for an honest review, they don’t expect a positive review just an honest one. The opinion is mine and no one else’s. Thanks publishing company for a good read. Thanks again for believing in me.
I give this book a 4 only because I had a hard time reading it you may not.
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