3/9/2013 reviewed

                                                             GOD’S  AT WAR
                                                              Kyle Idleman
I have the back not a Fan by him but lent it out so I never got it read, guess I better pick it up and read it.
The God’s at war is a very challenging profound message & read that is for sure. It takes someone a lot smart then me to figure out what he is trying to say for you to apply to. Sorry!!!!  
He makes a claim we are idolaters we are if material things are more important the God and come before our God. I also learned that people in our lives can take away from God. May I clarify that it is the wrong kind of people in our lives take away from our time with God.
I have been blessed with Christian friends at work that I sit with so that keeps me grounded and that is what you are supposed to have.
As I read through out this book some of it brought tears to my eyes. God also said he doesn’t make mistakes. He made you and you are not a mistake, you are unique each and everyone of us is unique, (God don’t make any junk) as we always said.so feel special because you are to God.You should  to fully feel special knowing you are not a mistake.How awesome is our Lord to Love us this much
Kyle style is easy to read. He wants you to know that God gives us gifts to enjoy but don’t put them before God. Our idols could be of food, entertainment, sex,money, family (even) achievements and our own selves.
He shares his stories of these idols so we can relate and follow and not feel we are the only ones that does this. Kyle makes you feel at ease and like you are talking to a friend. As he tells his stories he connects them to scriptures.
This book helped me look at scriptures in a whole new light. May God help you the same. I really enjoyed this book-another book my Pastor will enjoy.
I would highly recommend this book to a new Christian and to a long time Christian.
I got this book from DeMoss Group Publishing Co.for free for an honest review. They did not tell me it had to be a positive review. This opinion is mine and mine alone no one else’s. 
I give this book a 5 star.
Thank you Kelsey  again  for having faith in me to read and give an honest review. I have enjoyed all three books. You are an Angel.
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