Bible and Christian History Time Lines


                                              BIBLE and CHRISTIAN HISTORY TIME LINES
At a glance you will have more then 6000 years of the Bible and Christian time lines, for you to look up something fast or just look at the beautiful book and read at your leisure.
It starts with the beginning that fall of Adam-Abraham.
This beautiful book has Bible Development, Bible History, Church Council, World History, Key Events, Key Person, Time Span, Kings of Israel and Kings of Judah.
Genesis to Revelations 2200 BC-AD 100. Life of Jesus to Modern Day AD 1-Present.
This book makes history very interesting compare the most important milestones of the Bible and world history. Find brief explanations of more than 700 Key people and events that everyone should know.
Did you know that Budda,Confucius and the prophet Daniel all lived the same time? Did you know that the first recorded Olympic games in Greece were held at the time of Jonah?
This book can be used many ways-
A. You can read it like a book
B. Remove it and hang it on the wall to study or show to a group of people in a class room so you can discuss the Bible and Christian timelines as you point important information out.
C. When you are done if you want to you can slip it back into the end pockets and the chart is turned back into a beautiful book easy to carry and take it with you.
This is a very beautiful book (chart) that you can enjoy for many years to come. It also would be very pretty hanging on your wall where you usually go to read and relax your Bible or books. Then if you come across a question just look up and find answers quick. It has great information on it as I read it I found out things I did not know that was really great for me.
I think you would truly enjoy this book that was beautifully done with all kind of information at a glance.
Not only do I feel this is good for the growing Christian but it is very handy for the person that has been a Christian for years. I highly recommend this beautifully written book. It was really interesting to me I enjoyed it a great deal and I am sure you will enjoy it too. It was just awesome to learn more history and things that I did not know.
I got this book free from Rose Publishing Company for a honest review. They did not tell me I had to have a positive review they just wanted an honest one. The opinion is mine alone and no one else’s.
I give this book a 5 star.
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