ALTAR EGO

                                                         Craig Groeschel
First may I say WOW I so loved this book from page one, this author had me hooked. Add another new author to my list.
I loved what he did for Amy even before they were going together. If we all had a Christian Husbands/boyfriends to stand by us what a different world we would live in.
The story of Simon (Peter) came back to me as I read the story Craig wrote in his book, he sure brought new light to Simon’s life for me. Craig kept me so interested in this story and how God uses just ordinary people  to do what he needs them to do for his plans. Peter’s most infamous failure followed on the heels of his boldest declaration. Peter the wishy washy grew into his new name and his new purpose—Peter the Rock.
This story is really one great chapter in this book. It shows that even then when God called they didn’t fit into their  new names, they had to grown into them.
I really love reading books that has scriptures with the story so you can go to the Bible and get more information on what the writer is talking about, and that makes the Chapter means more to you.
Craig’s not afraid  to tell his story of the (not so nice) names people called him and then he tells how God transformed Craig from his great weakness to his greatest strengths. The same way God can change you.
So when you hear of authors that write great books has been through the same thing you have been through it tends to make you look at yourself differently and let’s you comfort the names you’ve been called.
When God gives you a new name even if it feels you can’t full fill it, don’t worry by his Spirit and through his son–you will grow into it.
This book is an easy read little over 200 pages. Has a lot of helpful information for you to grow closer to God and find your new name through him. Some of the new names God gives is in the book, very interesting.
I recommend this book highly to anyone that wants to have an “Altar Ego”.
I got this book free from DeMoss Group for an honest review. The opinion is mine alone.
Thanks Kelsey for having Faith in me for an Honest review. You are an Angel.
I give this book 5 star.
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