3/30/2013 gave review


                                                                     Nick Vujicic
Wow what an amazing man Nick is. He is so Humble. He is also a man after God’s own heart you can see it in everything he does and says.
Even thou Nick has no arms or legs he is not afraid to try to do anything. He lives his life to the fullest and believes and trust fully in his creator the Lord.
I saw him on a program (sorry I don’t remember the program) why because it was Nick that left the impression on me. I could not take my eyes off of him. I couldn’t turn the TV because he was so amazing to listen to and watch and see the love of the Lord in him, he kept me listening to what message he had to say.
So when I saw the Book Unstoppable I had to get it and believe me he is truly a man that can give messages and testimony for our God.
With people like Nick I saw how shallow a life I was leading. Not that God did not bring people into my life to come to him I just turned the other way. I am sure God has done the same thing for most of you. Shame on me for not listening years ago to the people God sent in my path to help me come to God.
With people like Nick telling his story and intertwining other stories of hope and the tragedies these people have gone through. So as I read his book I sat back and thought back through my life as it was and what may have been a different life for me had I listen to the people God sent to me. When God is not fully in your life like it is in Nick’s life you see that you are not living the life God really wants for you. These stories along with Nick’s stories will inspire you to go looking for the God that created you.
He talks of bulling in schools and how much of bulling goes on in our schools today. Sad as a parent to try to help your kids the right way it seems that the police and school officials don’t really want you to stand up for your child.
There is a no in his book on page 159 for information to get help.
This book really is a wonderful uplifting read for someone who’s wondering what plans God may have for them. You will be blessed as you read his stories. You will not want to put this book down.
I recommend this book for anyone who wants to truly feel how God touches people. May God Bless you as you read his stories.
Have your high liter ready you will need it.
I received this book free from Waterbrook publishing for a honest review. the opinion is mine alone and no one elses. Thank you Waterbrook publishing for a wonderful book and a great read.
I would give this book a 10 but we can only go to 5.
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